1:16 PM

Epic mints are my go-to. They’re made with enough xylitol to help keep your mouth fresh, and they’re available in bulk sizes. I usually buy a couple of the small tins to carry around and refill them from the 1000 mint bag. 
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Epic mints are my go-to. They’re made with enough xylitol to help keep your mouth fresh, and they’re available in

12:43 PM

3 years. My spouse is in the military, and we were stationed in Yokosuka. We’re hoping to go back there, because we loved it.

12:42 PM

Those were my 2nd round of tattoos, after a rough breakup I wanted to celebrate my independence (my ex and I had previously discussed us each getting a wing, so I wanted to get my own damn set because I didn’t need him) and represent the duality of the universe, my personality, etc. Also, they were inspired by a

6:24 PM

I’ve decided I’m going to get the flowers of every state/prefecture where I’ve lived. On the right is the Golden Rayed Lily of the Kanagawa prefecture, and on the left is my newest one, the California Poppy. I still need to get my home state flower on my right (well, my left, but in the mirror, and in this photo,

8:40 AM

My cat is named Kat (short for Katherine), and I modify songs to be cat-centric for her all the time, even when my partner is around. He's currently on a long deployment, so it's a kitty party all the time, featuring classics like "what,what?! kitty butt!" "oh, kitty give me one more chance, to show you I love mew" Read more

6:14 PM

I tried this with my cat, but she just wanted to eat the tape. She's odd, even for a cat. Actual boxes, though, are totally her jam.

10:35 AM

Getting my Mirena inserted was not super-fun, but I'm so glad I did. The doc who did mine was a dude. When he was doing the insertion, I felt some pain and said "ow, motherfuck!" He tells me "well, at least it doesn't hurt as much as having a baby," a statement that made me make this face -_-. That was almost 3 Read more

12:53 PM

As someone who works around sailors and is married to a sailor, I often observe a very "frat house" vibe among some of the younger ones (especially the ones who go into the service right out of high school, no offense to them). Between that, and the fact that underways can be terribly boring, when you're sitting out Read more

2:53 PM

Happy to see equal FemShep/ManShep representation.

11:43 PM

Never enough Nope for this one. I'm done interneting for the day ;_;

6:05 PM

So long as he doesn't pardon Celebration Roasts, which actually taste yummy.

5:40 PM

Michael Ealy belongs on the sexy man list, too (and on TV, but Fox disagrees with me on that point v_v).

5:52 PM

In my experience, yes (I lived in the southeastern Kanagawa prefecture for a few years). Honestly, lights to cross the road aren't too hard to come by, since Japan is a much more pedestrian-friendly place than the states. The buttons are there mostly for blind people, and will give audio cues (a distinct "pew, Read more

11:48 AM

I got my IUD at 27, have had it for just over 3 years now, and I've never been pregnant. The insertion wasn't the most fun thing, and I did have some nasty cramps afterward. Despite those discomforts, it's been wonderful not having to worry about taking the pill every day, and supposedly the Mirena has less hormonal Read more

1:23 PM

One girl on my husband's ship was going through chemo and shaved her head to attempt to make it look semi-neat (it was falling out in patches). After the head shaving, her command told her it was "faddish" ("too GI Jane," in their words) and forced her to wear a wig. Another friend of mine in the Navy got a pixie Read more

11:23 AM

Here in San Diego, it's almost never cool enough to properly enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. Also, unless they've changed it, the syrup they use isn't vegan. Blarg!

7:40 PM

I just sent Rage back to Gamefly after a few hours, in part because I was stuck playing the generic white dude (which is the default human in the gaming world). I had been told I would dig it if I like Fallout: New Vegas, and I guess I assumed I'd be able to customize my character. I was playing the game with a Read more