From robotics to health care to TVs and more, Best Buy and Studio@Gizmodo are exploring the future of technology.
From robotics to health care to TVs and more, Best Buy and Studio@Gizmodo are exploring the future of technology.
What's Next In Tech

What's Next In Tech



TV has gotten more life-like through the years, and future technology will continue to transform the home entertainment experience.

Exploring The Future Of Modular TVs

We got a behind-the-scenes look at how Samsung's innovating the home theater landscape, pushing us beyond the traditional uses of TV.

The Art Of Immersion: How TVs Have Brought Us Further In

The television timeline is dotted with breakthroughs that make images feel real — and more immersive experiences are right around the corner.

There’s A Supercomputer Behind This 8K TV’s Picture

Are we finally at a point where technology could make our televisions better as they age?


Around the home, in restaurants, and even aiding physical mobility — new robotic innovations are here to help make life easier.

Meet The Robot That's Changing The Way We Communicate

A robotic assistant is combining video conferencing and movement to allow us to be in two places at once.

Robots Are Improving Our Lives In Some Truly Unexpected Ways

From artificial limbs to high-end dining, robotics is working wonders in our everyday lives.

For Nurses And Their Patients, Robots Could Be A Game Changer

Temi robots can follow staff around, assist them in performing care hands free, and even allow patients to video chat with loved ones.


The fifth generation of wireless technology is more powerful than anything that's come before it — and it has applications beyond just your phone.

How 5G Can Make The Tech You Love Even Better

We visited the Verizon 5G Lab to see how advances in 5G technology are helping consumers navigate their world — both digitally and physically — like never before.

Unexpected Ways 5G Will Improve Your Life

Gaming, smart homes, and automated cars are just some of the areas that stand to benefit from 5G.

5G Technology Could Revolutionize The Medical Field

5G technology could drastically impact the way surgeons approach an operation, creating accessible 3D models of their patients.

Health Care

Time, long distances, and other barriers to quality medical care are falling by the wayside thanks to some remarkable technological strides.

This Device Lets You Conduct Medical Exams At Home

Stuck in bed with a bad cold? Now you can figure out what's wrong without leaving your home.

Robotic Surgery And Virtual Pharmacies: How 'Remote' Health Care Is Changing Lives

It sounds like sci-fi, but benefits such as convenience, precision, and easier recoveries are making remote procedures more common.

How AI Is Helping People Self-Detect Illness

Developing a DIY health exam kit is a feat… but how do you ensure people are using it correctly?


Technology is already helping us live longer (and better) lives, but future advancements will push the limits of what’s possible for human survival even further.

How Sensors And Predictive Analytics Are Changing At-Home Care

A cutting-edge product is making “aging in place” a reality for seniors by helping them live at home more safely, and with more quality.

Gene Editing And Nanobots: What The Future Of Health Care Means For Life Expectancy

Innovations such as these have the power to extend our time here on Earth, but not without raising some interesting questions.

Technology Is Giving Caregivers An Additional Line Of Support

There are currently more aging adults than there are people to look after them, but Lively Home is helping caregivers know when and where their help is most needed.

Artificial Intelligence

Human-machine cooperation is advancing and creating innovation in business, health care, and other fields.

AI And The Era Of The 'Digital Human'

Meet the company that's building virtual characters that reimagine the way we communicate and interact.

Why AI Might Not Be The Boogeyman We’re Dreading

When most people hear “artificial intelligence,” they tend to imagine the nefarious AI depicted in sci-fi entertainment, but AI could end up being extremely beneficial to humankind.

What Makes AI Seem So Human?

Mimicking the three most important parts of our brains gives AI the ability to sense, learn, and adapt.

Wearable Technology

From health tracking to augmented reality, we're living in the golden age of wearable technology.

'Sonar' Gloves And The Incredible Future Of Wearable Tech

Best Buy and Studio@Gizmodo travel to the Wearable Technology Lab at the University of Minnesota to check out the groundbreaking progress they're making in the field.

The Surprising History Of Wearable Technology

From ancient forms of vision correction to a future of synthetic sentience, we chart the incredible history and guess at the future of wearable tech.

This Vest Could Help People's Mental Health In The Future

Like a hug from a loved one, tech-enabled garments use comforting compression to reduce anxiety.