writer @Jezebel, napper @my bed

thank you! only target’s finest for my bedside knickknacks lol Read more

yes I found it!!! sorry for leaving you at the scariest cliff-hanger, and thanks for looking out 👀👀although I really should get a new eyelash curler, I’m still using the same one from high school and it is very grubby and maybe not hygienic anymore lol  Read more

I have dark hair and eyelashes, and I STILL wouldn’t ever give up my CVS mascara!!! Read more

this is exactly how I imagine I look every time I cry on the A train (which happens pretty often tbqqqqh!) Read more

to be clear, i absolutely agree with you. i will never ever give up on my LashBlast Volume ($6.99) Read more

i will admit i have never tried chicken and waffle chips, but now i really really want to !!! your testimony did nothing to dissuade me, unfortunately Read more

these are my whole childhood in a chip bag! absolute best flavor of any chip, by far. they ARE magic !!! Read more