Oct 22

Nope not what happened. The way the article describes it is extremely misleading in giving you that impression. If you buy a used Model 3 or a Model S/X older than 6 years from Tesla, you actually get 1 year / 10k miles more warranty coverage with recent changes (previously Model 3 and Model S/X older than 6 years got Read more

Oct 12

Motorsport 4the Masses seeks to bridge the gap between autocross and track days. For less than $100-200, you’ll get 40-80 minutes of seat time, lapping a temporary race course (we call it a short course), broken into 10 minute sessions. Read more

Sep 29

That statement is 100% true as long as you don’t have the slightest clue as to what you’re talking about.

Sep 29

Second benefit, I take my Grom to big empty parking lots and practice my trail braking and early throttle pickup. It is a great tool to really explore all the riding skills with a low risk. I’m sure I look fabulous in my full Dainese kit (power rangers leather onesie), winding out this bike as I apex at 6" tall orange Read more

Sep 29

You clearly have no idea what airplanes cost. Half that?

Sep 28

Hey, I like Flea Market Flip as much as the next guy, but I know our capabilities.

Sep 28

I have to be honest - its a damn good thing I didnt see the online sale as I would surely own one right now. 

Sep 22

You have exclusive reporting that the Tesla presentation was ‘outright lies’!?  WOW! That’d be big news! Do tell!

Sep 21

The power required for a GPU that runs Flight Simulator is more than a Trent 1000 can provide.