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4:31 PM

Point of order: Between Operations Crossroads, Castle, Redwing and Hardtack I, only 3 of 25 bombs were actually dropped from an aircraft. The rest were either carried to high altitude by balloon or missile, detonated in a tower or other surface installation, or detonated underwater.

4:03 PM

If you know the seafloor contours, it gives you a better idea how ocean currents are affected, and Earth’s weather is very ocean current-driven.

7:24 PM

How about legislation mandating that the owners of these buildings turn out the goddam lights once the sun goes down?
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6:59 PM

This is smart. Natural selection was making the bird population smarter by helping eliminating idiot birds. I, for one, refuse to bow for any future smart bird overlords. Now I no longer have to worry about the potential consequences of my defiance.

1:09 PM

BUT...comparing crossing the street or getting into a car with traveling to a an active volcano purely for the thrill of being on an active volcano is disingenuous, at best. Read more

10:49 AM

It’s easy to mock, but let’s be honest, there are plenty of active volcanoes around the world that are tourist attractions precisely because there is an extremely low chance that it’ll erupt while you’re on it. People like the adrenaline from putting themselves at risk. That’s why theme parks and extreme sports exist. Read more

8:40 AM

I dunno, “rich guy drives truck missing a number of important safety features on public roads, promptly runs over child-size object” seems like it’s of interest. Heck, that someone’s driving around this weird-ass prototype is of interest.

12:08 PM

As with most quantum mechanics topics, I only vaguely understand this. But I’m excited that we’re advancing not only our applications for quantum technology, but our ability to study the universe as well. Also, I’ve been watching/playing enough D&D lately that anything involving crystals feels inherently magical :D

11:44 PM

The really interesting thing here is that the great northern awk was one of the earliest European experiments in conservation. In Iceland, they rotated between beaches during the awk harvest for a while. Then came museums paying for samples after the volcanic eruptions, trying an awk for witchcraft in Scotland, etc

4:03 PM

In 1983 sunlight glinting off high-altitude clouds set off the Soviet missile defense system, which reported that the USSR was under attack by the US. LtCol Stanislav Petrov (1939-1917), on duty in their defense center, reported it as a false alarm and nothing happened. Had he followed protocol, the Rooskies would

3:39 PM

Now that is why kinja is pure genius. I got something to say at Thanksgiving (the American one) that’s not disruptive. There’s going to be at least two academic biologists there so at least they’ll fain interest. 

2:41 PM

Every time I see someone mix up “breaks” and “brakes” my heart brakes.