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Former Gizmodo physics writer and founder of Birdmodo, now a science communicator specializing in quantum computing and birds

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removing the boxing gloves was the incredible highlight of the striptease lmao  Read more

I don’t discuss this in the piece, but through my reporting I learned that the radioactive core is the thing they care about the least because they’re so simple. it’s all the other stuff that introduces the uncertainty. Read more

could be... could also be ghost hackers... the world may never know... Read more

So obviously you’re implying that we should throw out everything Karl Popper ever said
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There’s a reason behind this, especially in the US! Entrepreneurs in the food space (and other spaces but I have less familiarity with them) typically try to hit the high-end market first when the cost of production is high. Their thought is that if they can capture the luxury market then it will build acceptance for Read more

In fact, these countries used to eat locusts. But western views on insects and handling swarms have pervaded and now govern how these outbreaks are handled, rendering the bugs inedible. Read more

i don’t know if i captured the tone of his quote quite right. he was essentially saying we should still kill it, but to think about whether we could do so with methods that don’t render the bug inedible. sorry if that didn’t come across! Read more

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Also I hint at it but I guess the blog doesn’t *explicitly* say this (and bakers already know this), but there’s no need to start with raisins or rice or bread crusts or anything, that’s just a jumpstart to make the process quicker. The yeast from (gestures around) will get the starter started on its own. Read more

I think this is equally as big a problem with string theory and quantum gravity, which is why I generally don’t give them airtime on this website. If you look at our coverage (aside from the dark matter stuff) I almost always favor experimental physics over theoretical physics. Of course we cover some of the gee-whiz Read more

not going to lie, i faved this because i thought it said “eric wareheim” and didn’t watch it. now that i have i really, really wish this were eric wareheim’s recent revelations instead Read more

Answer to 1: It’s sort of a natural intuition when you look at some of the equations to describe matter that it should exist (basically a “what if there was a minus sign here instead of a plus sign in this equation that doesn’t require things be one way or the other”) Read more

These are great!! I actually started bird photography with a 70-200. It was super frustrating at times but definitely led to me thinking about composition more, and occasionally rewarded patience. Maybe it’s time to look into 2x teleconverter?
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I mean sure, everything is made from components that follow the rules of quantum mechanics, but we certainly don’t know that “everything is quantum.” I’ve written this in stories before, but quantum mechanics has only been tested to scales on the order of dozens of atoms. We don’t know for sure that it can be used to Read more

thanks so much! I really enjoy covering this stuff and I’m always happy there’s an audience for it.  Read more

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