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1:57 PM

One of my twitter followers pointed out that my tone might somewhat oversell this idea, so here’s a reminder that it’s really a pretty speculative thought exercise. Treat this blog as “wow! That’s a weird thing to think about!” rather than “wow, I better go tell my friends there’s a black hole orbiting the solar Read more

12:08 PM

“Very expensive” is delivered somewhat sarcastically (yes I know sarcasm doesn’t work in text). It’s getting at the fact that there are people with big microphones who have spent a lot of their effort on Pluto and probably can’t speak about it objectively and care an outsized amount about something that doesn’t Read more

8:35 AM

Not to toot my own horn but I just wrote about quantum encryption for you all here. I told Jennings that it was extremely funny to me that a company is trying to make a big deal out of factoring primes and promoting their own weird quantum encryption scheme when we already know that there are factoring algorithms on Read more

8:29 AM

(Also, if my explanation sucked, basically the only thing that atomic clocks really do is produce a very reliable and exact-frequency reference signal. The way scientists do this is by making a wiggly electric field that’s almost the exact frequency that makes some electrons jump up and down. Once the electrons start Read more

1:09 PM

Sure! @JasonWardNY @RosemaryMosco @KennKaufman @TheBirdist @Mollycule_ @pablo_dulce @theineptbirder @ABA @macaulaylibrary @audubonsociety are probably a good place to start. They’re some of the more public bird tweeters/accounts and you’ll start to find other folks through the people who respond and retweet them.

11:55 AM

My experience has been the opposite of Nick’s article to be honest, I used to be really into ~fashion~ and promised myself I wouldn’t let birding change the way I dress but have now somehow accumulated floppy hats and more khaki than I’ve ever owned and recently wore keens and socks to work

8:28 AM

Quantum computers are good for solving some things, but they’re not good for solving everything. It just so happens that the encryption algorithms we use are one of the things that they’re good at solving. So, the first step is to find a new algorithm that we don’t think they can solve, which should buy us some time. Read more

1:26 PM

Oh yeah I forgot to include in this piece that none of this really matters because most of the time if you find a creative way to ask someone for their password they’ll just give it to you