Ryan Tate
Jun 13 2011

It's a little ironic that Outlook was dinged for not being sufficiently integrated with OS X: Unlike the winner, it integrates with OS X's Spotlight. [freron.lighthouseapp.com] vs http://allthingsd.com/20101013/microsoft-office-2011-mac-review/ )

May 5 2011

For Gawker coverage and personal jealousy purposes, I endorse this comment. (That said, he did find the least opulent looking $7m home I came across in the listings. So he's good at hiding his wealth. Damned taste having, living within their means rich people!)

Oct 13 2010

@ZachMatthews: Hey, if you have any info that can help me file a bug report, email it to ryan@gawker.com - failing URL or screenvid or longer description, whatever. Ya, comments are still too buggy, I agree, but they do respond to my bug reports.....

Apr 1 2010

App listing slots, including duplicates: 10 pages x 45 rows x 4 columns - (3 missing rows last page * 4 columns) - 1 blank spot = 1787. Read more

Aug 20 2009

It's incorrect to say McDonalds is a likely place to find free WiFi; ashamed to say I recently had a chance to investigate first hand, and the regular charge is as much as the "food" ($4). Read more