Russ Bird
Jun 4 2019

Google is still shifting features over from the creaking shell of Google Play Music to its shiny new service Read more

Jun 23 2017

Cool! In 2060, the store will remain a static, historic reminder of 2017 construction methods and architecture, due to the inability to upgrade anything inside the building.

Nov 11 2015

I’ve actually read about this being taught by some scouting organizations overseas. Nice to see an example of it, though it does seem to be missing a way to keep from having the whole pile from going up.

Sep 17 2015

Locks are only useful outside of airport checked luggage areas for deterring opportunists who may try to open luggage while your attention is elsewhere. For example if you take a train to the airport and stow your luggage in a designated area in the carriage but are sat a few rows down from that area, as many people Read more

Apr 1 2015

the special thing about it is that it is an asmr series, asmr is about sounds that "feel good" look it up it's actually quite interesting

Mar 8 2015

My Z3 with wireless charging and an open headphone jack fits your bill perfectly. Waterproof, no ports to cover. yup - its pretty spot on.

Dec 4 2014

I sort of wish I hadn't watched this trailer. I'm probably going to see the movie anyway, and it would have been neat to see the beginning of the movie and expect it to be a retelling of the same story, only to be surprised by a very prepared Sarah Connor

Jun 25 2014

Seems when a loophole benefits a company at the expense of the consumer it's ok. when it benefits the consumer it's got to be stopped.

Mar 3 2014

A start would be actually enforcing laws that are supposed to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Accidents are swept under the rug and violations are ignored because it was the victim's fault he / she wasn't in a car. Read more

Feb 25 2014

Yes,the senses can act like an older brother and pull annoying pranks on us. Look no further than the McGurk Effect:

Jan 8 2014

A more interesting question might be, Which two physical objects are exactly the same?

Oct 25 2013


They could be 3d printing parts to make a 3d printer that could then in turn 3d print parts for a gun!

Sep 9 2013

Pretty accurate description right here. Just go there and do what you want without hurting others. It's an experience that this video can't ever describe. There's so much more to BM than the desert or the sights... It's being out there and leaving your former self at the gate and really exploring yourself. I go sober Read more