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Ms. Bronner Helm is a Contributing Editor at The Root. Mouthy Black Girl. Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow. Shea Butter Feminist. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon.
11:44 AM

Good stuff here. I would put some of these on my wish list but knowing my family, I would never see them. As the saying goes, when you want something nice for Christmas, you have to get it yourself.

6:42 PM

That’s the key. I was floored to hear some old white MAGAt hag talk about how “classy” it was to have Melania as FLOTUS. Let’s see, we’ve got an Eastern European “model” with a portfolio of nudes vs. an Ivy League grad with her own successful law career and no nude pics. Then I remembered that for MAGAts, “classy” Read more

4:08 PM

If the public at large pays to see a movie, they have a right to speak on it. Do I agree with mofos who say that Black Panther was overrated? Fuck naw, what the fuck? But that’s their opinion, wrong ass fuck as it may be, but it’s their right and I will defend it. Read more

12:55 PM

She’s a Republican First Lady. They ALL fade away quickly. She’s under very little scrutiny now especially considering how divisive her husband is. I can’t imagine the country is going to care much about her after he’s gone.

10:21 AM

Is Melania a hero because she was perfectly fine with real estate fraud and money laundering but Trump’s treason might be making her feel a little bit uncomfortable? Read more

5:16 PM

I think a lot of BW don’t know this because their kids are afraid to talk to them. This is a convo I’ve had with several kids when they start talking about what they like and more importantly what they don’t, they start describing a woman who is actively raising them in the negative. Read more

3:27 PM

Random b-ball player saying he wouldn’t have met his wife if he hadn’t been playing basketball in the Toronto and then getting mad when someone comments that he is implying that his job status allowed him to pull a random white chick is understandable..... until he implies black women are bulldogs. Read more

12:38 PM

i always notice the language when it comes to statements like this. i remember how much folks jumped on Serena for “disrespecting” black men for saying her husband treated her better than any black men she dated, i note that she still called us men and didnt say it was all of us, just the few she dated. notice how Read more

5:01 PM

Thank you for your good work and congratulations.

5:00 PM

I think it’s right to criticize Jameela in this instance even though I like her work. I don’t like the line, “Jameela, along with an army of white minions, chastised...” etc. She’s still a South Asian woman. India was colonized and brutally exploited by the British. Don’t elide her with her white fans.

11:49 AM

For REAL.  A warning/request seems entirely suitable especially if BART couldn’t be bothered to post signs saying ‘No Eating on Platform’.  Obviously he is not the first person to eat a sandwich at that station.  Bet he’s the first to be ARRESTED.  And what’s with the BS claim that you’re ‘resisting’ if you question Read more

11:39 AM

Fun fact: Mercury is so deep in the Sun’s gravity well that time passes a bit faster there than it does here on earth. The warped spacetime causes the orbit to precess differently than predicted by Newtonian mechanics, first recognized in 1851 through measurement of historical transit data. This was a mystery until

8:02 PM

I worked at a department store when Furby came out and...

I’m sorry, I thought I was ready to talk about this.