Angela Helm
Ms. Bronner Helm is the Senior Editorial Director at Colorlines. Mouthy Black Girl. Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow. Shea Butter Feminist. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon.
Aug 31

The car horn thing is real, regardless. In fact this terrorism tactic was used as recently as... 2 months ago during the height of the NYC protesting. The police drove their cars through Harlem all night with the sirens blaring as a sleep deprivation tactic.

Aug 31

I'd definitely go more in the B range for this one, but still pretty good. 

Aug 31

I didn’t realize Emmett Till’s nickname was Bobo. He was the kid in the cellar who asked the Ouija board if he would have a nice trip...

Jul 29

hmmm...I thought it was the racism sowing government that divided people.

Hmm, guess I was wrong.

And as a fellow black person, it isn’t wise to use your blackness to justify bullshit. Kinda makes you seem shittier.  

Jul 29

Why should he? He said what he said. And this isn’t anywhere near vitriolic. It’s biting, sure, but it’s humorous, and it’s 100-fucking-percent correct.

Jul 29

Yet, you’re here to prove I am right.


Jun 29

I don’t know how many Canadians are on here, but a few years back there was a real debate within the (especially Toronto, Ontario) gay community about whether or not the police should continue to be invited to Pride. Read more

Jun 17

Thank you for telling Macie’s story to as many people as you could reach. Her life mattered and we will never forget it.

Jun 2

...the 49ers had the audacity to do this:

May 11

He’s just copying a page from the GOP handbook. Much like they started and continue to blame everything from stubbing their toe on something on the Clintons, he will always, always blame everything on Obama. Even when he’s out of office, he will take to Twitter and spend his days blaming any difficulties he has on Read more

Apr 6

I’m actually genuinely shocked that it’s taken this long for these kinds of stories to arise. Read more

Apr 2

I commend your post but I would lump Obama in there as well, he has literally disappeared. There is zero black leadership at this time; nationwide or NYC wise. Also same with the Clintons, and last I checked, still lived in Chappaqua. Doing nothing for the state of NY.
Read more

Mar 19

you really went to bat for them.

Mar 18

Cliff Notes: That’s yo ass.

Mar 18

Even introverts have their limits. This situation is about to test that. 

Feb 21

The cruelty that children of color meet in schools is well known to me. Children being cruel, especially racist kids (often due to racist parents), is torture for the victimized kids but kids are more or less unaware of the full nature of their evil. But adults... Adults, especially in education, who gleefully take Read more

Jan 14

It’s almost like people of color are statistically more likely to be living in poverty than whites...  

Oct 8 2017

I feel no guilt. Just frustration. Frustration that an intelligent man thinks it’s acceptable behaviour. Frustration that my siblings - who were raised by the same mother - give him a pass. But I have no qualms about calling him on his shit. (I think my sibs are thinking about inheritance issues. I feel the more Read more

Sep 30 2017

“Listen, what does the American flag have to do with your perceived oppression?” Read more