As Part of Statewide Reform, New York Graciously Grants Inmates in Solitary One Call Per Week

In a move to lessen what experts have deemed the “cruel and unusual punishment” of solitary confinement—which also has been likened to torture—a new bill in New York state guarantees that those sent to segregated units will have access to a phone within 24 hours of isolation, and that they can have contact with the…

Maybe We Wanna Be in Kansas, Dorothy. It Just Became the First State to Recognize the Right to an Abortion Independent of Roe v. Wade

In the ongoing, gut-wrenching, Handmaid’s Tale-like real-life saga that is the decimation of reproductive rights across the country, yet another state has weighed in on its hatred of women. And yet. And yet, this time, Kansas came through for the bodily autonomy of its women citizenry.