Robbie Gonzalez
Aug 12 2016

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contribute to this article in time for deadline. I founded io9 because there was nothing else out there like it, and I wanted a place where I could find all the science and science fiction news that I craved. So I built io9 basically for my own personal needs. But then I discovered there Read more

Aug 28 2015

Well, Robbie, this is the most mind-wrenching puzzle that you’ve yet thrown our way. THE PIECES WON’T FIT PROPERLY ANYMORE ROBBIE, THE PIECES WON’T FIT!!!

Best of luck with your further internet travels, work and life generally. May you pass through these blogged halls once again in the future.

A fellow nomad

Aug 28 2015

Thank you Robbie for all the great reads and dialog. You will be greatly missed. Congrats on your new job! I hope it is everything you wish for and more.

Aug 28 2015

Good luck on your new gig! You’ll be missed here. Hard to remember a time you weren’t writing articles here.

Aug 26 2015

Oh my god, my dad must have bought us a dozen Aerobies over the years. We’d lose them to the roof or trees so he’d just bring home a new one. I loved that thing.

Aug 26 2015

I find it tremendously amusing that both my favourite frisbee and my favourite means of making coffee at home were invented by the same person.