Robbie Gonzalez
Aug 17 2015

It’s funny—some people said the opposite, as the one i originally had posted seemed to have some of the star penciled in.

Jul 31 2015

I cannot believe how hard this is even when I know full well that somebody in my field of vision is about to drown. How do lifeguards do it?

Jul 30 2015

“Whether the opponent is an adult or child, the robot always returns the ball in a way that is easy for the opponent to hit,” Omrom explains on its website. “This is to ensure that the human’s attention remains on the ball, and not on the pneumatic brain-plunger creeping steadily toward his head.”

Jul 13 2015

What part of seven million lives lost and the worst natural disaster in North America’s recorded history do you not find scary?

Jul 2 2015

I forgot to mention this in the post, but it is not yet known whether the woman was, herself, vaccinated. But even if she were, her immunocompromised state may have reduced the vaccine’s effectiveness. The case highlights the purpose of herd immunity: Through widespread vaccination, we can protect those who are unable Read more

Jun 16 2015

My high school English teacher really hated the word “moist.” Actually, I can’t remember if it was “moist,” “plum,” or “loaf.” It might have been all three, because I remember him cringing at the mention of a “moist plum loaf.”