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Dearest Internet mammals: This is it. After years of faithful service, I’m leaving io9. If you’re reading this, you

Cooper Tire wants to make tires out of guayule, a flowering shrub native to the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. The NYT reports the company “is expected to demonstrate tires this week with components” made from guayule-derived rubber, and expects “to make a complete tire... by early 2017.” [NYT via PopSci] Read more

The apocalyptic “bemusement” park is Banksy’s newest, and biggest-ever, pop-up exhibition. Located in the British

You’re biased about your biases. “We judge whether we have a bias by examining our thoughts, and because we believe our thoughts are rational, we often think we’re not biased when we are... And the more we convince ourselves that we don’t have certain biases, the more likely we are to exhibit them.” [Nautilus] Read more

Popular answers to this question included “silver,” “white,” “whatever color it’s reflecting,” and “no color at