Round headlight enthusiast
Dec 23 2015

Everything made by GM in the 80s. From touchscreen infotainment to cylinder deactivation to saturn, they had the right ideas but at the wrong time.

Aug 20 2015

Oddly enough, I just found one of these at the scrapyard that used to be the runabout for my local shrub farm. They just recently bought an F150, but I always wondered why they didn’t do that 10 years ago in the first place. Poor sport track had 200k and was beat up so bad the seats had turned a permanent dirt brown. Read more

Aug 17 2015

One of my friends DDs an absolutely beat to shit, abused, 170k mile, 10 owner ‘96 Integra. There’s a lot of stuff wrong with it, but somehow it keeps clawing along. Never left him stranded. So I say save the money and buy a 90s Japanese car.

Feb 23 2015

aesthetics aside, I've heard the stock 240sx had pretty lousy performance for its time. It shared an engine with the hardbody pickup and wasn't as nimble as you might think. It just incidentally happened to make a great drift platform.

Dec 29 2014

Or how about we stop building fucking Targets and "countryside acres" on every damn piece of land that has nothing on it. Next town over from me actually refuses to zone anything other than agricultural because sprawl is encroaching

Nov 20 2014

Why not focus the brand on fleet vehicles? You obvousy lack name recognition with American buyers, but when selling to a corporation, brand names don't matter as much as prices, contracts, and models specifically built for their purposes (ie Ford Crown vic P71). Seems to me that might allow you to get your feet back Read more

Nov 19 2014

Also, out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean by "how much else there is out there?" I hear that a lot but nobody really says what that encompasses.

Nov 18 2014

I've entertained that thought, having lived here my whole life. I think when I graduate college, I'll probably explore some other parts of the country. That being said, the sense of communtiy here is fantastic and traffic is phenomenal (I like driving from downtown to the suburbs in 20 minutes). I spent some time in Read more

Nov 18 2014

Come visit sometime! Aside from the old industrial south side, the city's really made a huge resurgence in the last decade, but the media likes to perpetuate its stereotype of us as frostbitten twats living in a dump.

Nov 18 2014

Buffalonian here, can confirm. But stop knocking our city, we're damn proud of it, no matter how cold it is and how lousy we are at sports

Nov 11 2014

Not trying to look down on people, but I know quite a few blue collar good 'ol boys that buy these expensive trucks to promote their redneck image. Unfortunatley, they disregard their finnces, and buy the trucks anyway, thus emtying bank accounts or putting themselves into debt. Which is why they stay in a low income Read more