Ronda Racha Penrice
Ronda Racha Penrice is a freelance writer who resides in Atlanta. She is the author of "African American History for Dummies."
11:58 AM

You are not an idiot. Stop that. Share your name so I can look forward to your published work. 

12:58 PM

I am not an HBCU alum either but, like so many of us, we are all products of HBCUs. My mom graduated from one, Mississippi Valley State actually, and so did most of my family in that era. So many of us were taught by HBCU alums. It impacts us whether we directly attended one or not. That’s the power of community. Read more

6:28 PM

Really? They didn’t do nails as much as they did the first season true but every week each of the women still have different nail looks. 

7:34 AM

It is not irrelevant that she covers fashion. It is very key. Also if a story was worked out with her editors beforehand, she should’ve shared that with BET. It works two ways.

9:57 AM

Robin Givhan is a fashion journalist or critic rather is she not? So how does what Mrs. Obama had to say about her role in the White House relate to her beat? Givhan mentions that Mrs. Obama was wearing a Gucci dress but, other than that, the article is not about fashion whatsoever. How does she go from “What Givenchy Read more

7:11 PM

It is supposed to be a digital broadcast channel so it should be accessible through regular TV.

11:28 AM

Mary Norwood had sat on the elections commission here and charged in June in a meeting with Buckhead Young Republicans that she asked not to be recorded that she lost to Kasim Reed because of Black voter fraud. I lived here through the first recount. The New Atlanta is for Keisha Lance Bottoms and I know we will Read more

10:27 PM

Did the book offer any clues as to why they continued to stay together for the rest of Olive’s life?

10:17 PM

I actually want to see the fourth episode so I am riding. I like him, Sadie and the kid and Balls.