Robb Holland
Aug 3

I mean, putting aside that you completely missed the point of my post, I wonder if you ever stopped to even think that the fact that so many of the institutions that were needed to finally codify various anti-racist policies were nearly 100% white may not exactly be making the point you think you are making.

Jun 19

Hert is the man. Hoonigans in general is a great channel and has gotten a lot of younger people into car culture.

Jun 18

Well, how about we compare last year’s lap times.

2018 Silverstone -
Toyota: 1:36.895
Rebellion: 1:39.247

2019 Silverstone -
Toyota: 1:36.015
Rebellion: 1:36.560

Toyota improved 0.88 seconds while Rebellion 3.313 seconds. And that’s before the success handicap. Add in the fact that Toyota has longer fuel stops, runs Read more

Jun 11

“Just as kneeling during the national anthem is somehow an insult to not only the flag, but also to the military, the police and also to first responders.” Read more

Apr 29

Sex work is real work. No different than any other side gig.

Mar 10

Um...You aren’t winning this argument. You are just making me wonder if the universe is going to toss you into an embankment during the next spring snow. You seem bent on a not great argument. Read more

Mar 10

I had to read it twice to see if there was some double-entendre about some sort of foolish affection that I was missing...

Mar 10

If you have winter where you live and run summer tires, you need winter tires.