Robb Holland
7:18 PM

I agree 100% about the Electric GT thing. I wanted so badly for that to work. I even considered getting a Model 3 for development, but the attitude of Tesla is grotesque. They wanted nothing to do with racing, and they essentially told everyone to stop messing with their cars. I have always had my suspicions about

6:19 PM

Honestly, that’s what I hope comes out of this schlong-measuring contest: another fast EV that can stand up to track time. I wanna see these things finally stand up to multiple laps without going into reduced power mode.

5:58 PM

Enjoyed the read, Robb. I defer to your experience regarding anything in racing, but just keep in mind not to fall too far down the well of defending this against naysayers on the internet--the off-season will fly by if you do, and I'd hate for you to be under the gun in your next endeavors because people are wrong on

5:40 PM

It reminded me horrifyingly of the accident where Zanardi lost his legs. No worse place to be then stopped sideways in traffic...

6:18 PM

RIP. I watched her on AGG and Mythbusters. She’ll be missed. I need a day brightener.....

1:14 PM

I was going to post the same thing. Her badassery transcends gender, race, creed, nationality, etc.  Such a shame.  Godspeed.  Emphasis on the speed.

11:54 AM

I remember watching her on All Girls Garage.  It was cool the females had a gearhead woman to look up to, and she was always challenging barriers.  

9:57 AM

I’ve known Jessi since grade school. She was equal parts daring and enjoyable to be around, and we’ll miss her light in this world.

8:11 PM

I didn't, no!  I used to be very painfully self-conscious but after getting myself into a lot of "no, actually, I cannot fake this until I make this" situations, I find it's just better to be open about what you know and what you don't and to not be embarrassed about it.  I've never had a chance to drive on a track

1:48 PM

The rear brake pedal was banned mostly as a safety thing. The video didn’t really explain what it did very well. It didn’t just apply extra braking to the rear axle, which is something you can already do with existing brake bias controls - it’s that it allowed braking ONE of the rear wheels. This was the main concern,

1:26 PM

Ya I understand. I am just curious about your perspective.

5:28 PM

Obviously, Tempest is a labor of love for me and every episode has a very special place in my heart. That said, this episode may go down as the most emotionally powerful one I’ve ever worked on. I cried many times cutting it. I can’t begin to tell you all what it felt like to have this story entrusted to me. I hope