Robb Holland
6:16 PM

I get paid to race both and I have just as much fun (if not more) racing a well set up FWD car as a RWD. In BTCC where the cars have an almost identical suspension under the skin the only real balancing of RWD that needs to take place is some minor boost limits in the lower gears as RWD has an advantage in standing Read more

5:12 PM

OK I get it. You’re not a FWD fan. But please don’t be that guy and bash a car you’ve never driven before in order to prop up another car you’ve never driven before. Because FWD! Read more

2:02 PM

Not sure where you are getting your info from but an unrestricted Audi TCR car is as quick as the M4 GT4 and miles faster than the current M240i. The teams that own TCR cars race them in many series both in the US and around the globe which makes them a great value. Read more

6:35 PM

Ha! I wish I had the S3 too! No its being run by the AmD team in BTCC now. They just won a their first race with it this year. Fun aside. Nick Hamilton (Lewis little brother) drove it a for a season few years back.

4:03 PM

Thanks. We’re working on a few things but nothings come together just yet. It’s tough to get all the sponsors together to those types of projects up and running. But hang tight I think I’ll have something pretty soon. Read more

4:00 PM

Ha! Great story! I know of Mark and his 928. We never met him personally though. Yeah that was the thing about the series back then you could “run what you brung” to a degree. A lot of the cars were crap but there were a few good ones that showed up too. And the drivers were top shelf. Especially during the ‘03-’08 Read more

2:16 PM

Great series for sure but trust me budgets back then were still pretty steep. We probably had one of the smaller factory budgets and we were still getting into seven figures. Mazda and Acura were waaaay ahead of us in terms of dollars spent

8:10 PM

Fun aside. Swindon also supplies the engines for more than half of the British Touring Car field.

3:49 PM

I couldn’t figure out a way to work that into my post damnit