Robb Holland
Pro Race Car driver, former Pikes Peak Hillclimb record holder, 1st American to compete in the FIA World Touring Car Championships, British Touring Car Championships
Nov 29

He isn’t employed by the team he’s a pay driver bringing daddy’s cash. No chance at all they will let him go. See: Santino Ferrucci

Nov 16

Also remember FE uses street tires not slicks. Put them on slicks and they would be 3-4 seconds a lap quicker. Read more

Oct 27

Welcome Lawrence! Enjoyed reading your stuff over at Oppo looking forward to seeing what you can do over here

Sep 10

And the RS3 is AWD 5 cylinder but the factory RS3 LMS TCR car is FWD 4 cylinder. Go figure...

Sep 9

Just because I’m driving an Audi doesn’t mean I magically get the ability to channel my inner Ari Vatanen whenever the road goes to dirt

Sep 8

I don’t know but I will say I was VERY disappointed to hear of that incident. I know almost everyone involved with the hillclimb and it seriously pisses me off that any one of them said that