Riley MacLeod
6/16/21 3:55PM

If I can offer my perspective on this intersection of art and monetizing of art, I have this discussion fairly often with a few of my friends who are traditional artists, 2 are painters and 1 is an illustrator. Read more

6/16/21 3:16PM

Man, it almost sounds like artists need some sort of organization under which they could unify to protect themselves and ensure they aren’t exploited by corporations with all of the money and power, some sort of unified bargaining group to establish fair market and labor norms. Almost like some kind of coalition or Read more

5/28/21 12:07PM

This is a weird article to read while in the middle of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

5/28/21 11:46AM

As a big fan of Brandon Sanderson’ Cosmere, this was the last thing I expected but nice to see it’ll introduce a new audience to the books.

5/28/21 11:30AM

The fact that Animorphs is on a list with Beowulf is wondeful.

But if you’re gonna go with a Torrey Peters Fortnite crossover, I’d prefer “Infect” because a Fortnite mode where everyone starts as a genderless banana and only the winner gets to have a gender sounds funny as hell. 

5/28/21 11:29AM

Great, now make a Mistborn open world city exploration game ripping on old assassin’s creed but with Allomancy and Feruchemy powers.

5/28/21 11:26AM

I...didn’t read any books in high school (other than textbooks). >_>

5/28/21 11:19AM

First of all, ready player one x fortnite would work SO well (alt styles for each skin with real world and oasis styles). Second of all, the story of how this came about is shockingly wholesome. Donald Mustard worked with the author of these books on infinity blade, and they are apparently really good friends, so he Read more

5/28/21 11:17AM

I have so many things to say about this colab, but they’re all too spoilery. And I’m hoping this makes some more people read these very fun books.

5/28/21 11:08AM

You’re down to final two and the last thing you hear, whispered softly in your ear is “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. Now give me that chicken dinner”

5/07/21 3:55PM

That tends to happen when the outcome could fundamentally change how the law is applied to everyone. Epic is playing with fire and knows it. They want to burn Apple without setting the entire technology sector on fire.

5/07/21 3:40PM

She's really not. The trial is about Apple and Epic. She is a third party witness whose testimony is just as valid for the purposes of a peripheral detail (and likely why the court didn't require MS to produce the documents Apple wanted in the first place).

5/07/21 3:13PM

Remember that time we, as normal citizens, got asked to produce documents for court and we were like “lol no, fuck off” to the judge and everything was fine, things just kept rolling and we didn’t get in trouble at all? Read more

5/07/21 2:53PM

The doctor is not (usually) biased, but an Xbox representative is of course biased when providing information about Xbox. Also, a doctor’s statement can be cross-checked with any doctor, but the Xbox rep’s financial claims cannot be verified by an outside accountant without documents.

5/07/21 2:45PM

I mean, it would be like asking a medical expert to produce their data, which is how it works...

5/07/21 2:36PM

“Judge, the witness called to the stand is a total XBOT”

5/07/21 2:34PM

They’re not challenging whether she’s qualified as an expert—if she’s giving testimony about various financial aspects of the Xbox ecosystem, she’s required to turn over the documents she’s basing that testimony on.

5/07/21 2:34PM

The original XBox never drew a profit to my recollection, either. Because of how console wars have been going, it’s unlikely that the actual hardware will ever be any more than bare-bones profit, simply because it’s the loss leader for the entire ecosystem of XBox products (Wikipedia has a good article on loss leaders Read more

5/07/21 2:21PM

This is like asking a doctor, who is supposed be testifying as an expert, to bring in their books that they learned the subject. Read more

5/07/21 2:12PM

It’s almost like WW2... everybody trying to stay neutral but Epic and Apple keeps dragging everybody into it. :p