Rich Juzwiak
Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.
Apr 14 2017

This was played over and over at my grandma’s funeral (because she was from Florida, I guess). It was terrible and makes much more sense in a birthday setting, or any other setting that doesn’t include a corpse.

Apr 14 2017

Did it give you vibes? Were they “island vibes,” maybe, even?

Aug 19 2016

I didn’t mean to call you out! I was just expressing my general dismay with people. Asian men who aren’t interested in fucking me, for example.

Aug 19 2016

I definitely want to see this film. Honestly, I think there are lots of strides to make in how Asian men are depicted sexually in western films. They are either serious & asexual or harboring a pathological perversion. Either way - they are unapproachable archetypes and not people. Read more