Rhett Jones
News Editor
Sep 23

Gizmodo’s news editor here. I’d love to see this email if your friend wouldn’t mind sharing. I can be reached at rhett.jones@gizmodo.com

Mar 6 2018

I too am saddened by this necessary parallel that demeans a famous director who explores our relationship with technology and each other. It’s a shame that his insights are being used in a utilitarian manner to sell the products that he handily critiqued several years ago. But ya know, get yours I guess

Dec 15 2017

Cool. I hope you find it useful. Signed someone who doesn’t work in the ad department.

Sep 17 2017

For the record, my first article on this was very optimistic about the program. I know that it’s easy to think that publications work as some sort of cabal to advance an agenda, but I’ve never met anyone from advertising and I don’t even know any of their names. I want autoplay ads to go away completely, not just the Read more

May 4 2017

Giving access to your personal interactions doesn’t qualify as “free.” Have some self respect.

May 4 2017

I think the question is more about whether or not some sort of outside interference was involved. When you have 1.2 billion users and the entire system breaks it’s a big deal. I understand it’s a bit of an apples and oranges comparison, but does CNN just stop broadcasting for three hours and shrug it off? If they Read more

Apr 11 2017

I see you drewcrosby and your problems with infinite scroll have been noted. I think I understand and I hope you find peace.

Mar 7 2017

We credit where we find a story, not who covered it best. Big props to Ars, a solid site. But we started with the court doc and looking through coverage saw Techdirt’s piece on the ADA suit. Bloggin’ man.

Dec 25 2016

I’m happy to correct and own up to any stylistic or factual mistakes. I appreciate it.

Dec 24 2016

I didn’t say that they hacked the election. The agencies CLAIM that Russia hacked the DNC and leaked the emails in an effort to tilt the election for Trump. Obama claims that the press paid too much attention to those emails and it hurt Clinton. That is social engineering, aka hacking people. Saying that agencies Read more

Oct 30 2016

I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt but I honestly wasn’t aware that males don’t bite. Thanks for not being a dick about it.

Oct 21 2016

Weekend editor here. My email is rhett.jones@gizmodo.com if you’d like to talk about your experience.