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Aug 11 2016

Every day I’d call or instant message Mate and ask him where that video was. Eventually, I got like 30 hours of unedited footage of Mate crossing the caucuses speaking mostly Hungarian.

May 16 2016

Thanks for this. I’ve found JF on Instagram and immediately became a folllower. I am so glad to be old enough to remember NYC late 70's early 80's. It was gritty, smelly, messy, and so much fun.

Sep 24 2015

I’ve been trying to find a general summary of the different drive cycles. Do you have a link to the test parameters for the drive cycles? Read more

Sep 24 2015

If it’s like (or based on) the ICCT report I read the other day when this started blowing up there’s not really enough data to draw a conclusion. Anonymous test performers on uncontrolled routes with cars of differing mileage/maintenance. Read more

Sep 24 2015

The relevant Euro 6 standard for diesel emissions is 0.08g/km (or 0.12g/mi). The EPA’s current relevant standard (Tier 2, Bin5) is 0.05g/mi (or 0.03g/km). That makes European standard about two and a half times as lax as the American one.”