Reuben Fischer-Baum
Aug 14 2019

Clint Dempsey had more than just one decent season at Tottenham. He had one fantastic season at Fulham, one other pretty damn good season at Fulham and several other decent seasons at Fulham where he saw time in most all games.

Jan 20 2019

Since this article is about a young actress and Oscar category fraud, I’m surprised they didn’t use Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit” as one of their examples. She’s the film’s lead, is in nearly every scene, and still ended up in the Supporting Actress category.

Oct 4 2018

It’s a shame that filmmakers struggle to portray social awkwardness, instead favouring obnoxiousness and narcissism. I don’t know if the fictional Zuckerberg is more ‘complex’ than the real one, but the real one certainly seems much more sympathetic, and I say that as someone who loathes Facebook, and the influence and Read more

Dec 31 2016

She is very clearly an Awesome Baby.

Dec 23 2015
No Offense

It’s strange to edit a feminist website when almost nothing offends you, because the feminist website is

Jun 10 2015

A League of They’re Owned

Dec 9 2014

The story is half accurate, so when Chuck threatens to sue you, ya need to get it right. He pooped himself whilst on the floor (allegedly). He did not poop on the floor. Link to (alleged) photo follow, as it is of a graphic nature (pooped pants): Poopy Pic

Aug 5 2014

Here's the statement a USA Today Sports Media Group spokesperson gave me: Read more

Jul 1 2014

And at the end of that summer, we all went our separate ways. I used to see Tyrese and Johnny in the hallways, but by the close of our freshman year, they were just two more faces in the crowd. I heard that Tyrese got married and has a couple of kids. He drinks a lot these days, and finds work doing odd jobs around Read more

Jun 30 2014

Isabel - "How does your fastball compare to other guys?" Read more