Jun 27

Fun fact: Shiftry isn’t “Wicked” because it’s actually evil, it’s just from Boston.

Jun 26

Well, no big deal for him. He can just take his audience over to Mix-- oooooooh.

Jun 26

So how long before a story of him being accused for predatory behavior or assault becomes public. Today? This weekend? If Twitch is doing this now I assume it’ll within a week at the latest.

Jun 26

Good riddance. I genuinely feel that for the better part of a decade, gamer culture was synonymous with trolling (either giving or receiving), so the less attention men like DD get, the better.

Jun 26

Holy christ finally. Imagine spreading 5G Corona rumors to thousands as well as live streaming a bathroom with a 10 year old peeing in it then just keeping that streamer on for months it’s crazy.

Jun 26

Maybe some Twitter exec’s kid listened to Dr. Douchebag and ended up catching coronavirus. That or they found something credible on him that usually results in getting the shit beat out of you by Christopher Meloni.

Jun 25

I downloaded the Brave browser to combat the obnoxious new sticky autoplaying video. It seems to be working and also completely eliminates the rest of the insane G/O ads, no more “recent videos” mid-article either

Jun 24

Ah, yes, a loot-based game. The Avengers are famous for their... gear.

Jun 18

Not to mention all the other idiots 😐 i guess there is a silver lining....

Jun 17

“A people of color committee must be allowed to convene and vote in private, and they are allowed a separate consensus from the rest of the organization.” Read more

Jun 16

The Avengers is pretty damn far down the list of things to blame for American foreign policy and the military industrial complex lol.

Jun 15

I miss the days of Battlefront II; landing on a Star Destroyer, running amuck, blowing up the shield generator (or something), then flying off to get into another dog fight or two. Good times.