Jan 4 2016

That’s all true, but I don’t think what he said was necessarily wrong.

Jan 4 2016

I’m quite certain the guy has done exactly what he’s accused of doing, but his point is that it’s very easy to ruin someone’s life now without anything approaching due process. He probably deserves to have his career ruined, but he doesn’t seem confused about the 1st Amendment, or due process.

Dec 23 2015

This will almost certainly put him at odds with former teammate and notorious crip Wes Welker.

Dec 20 2015

So Mike Matheney is saying they did everything they could do in their eyes to keep him and he chose someone else and they don't hold any hard feelings and this is still an indictment of how awful the Cardinals are? I'm confused.

Dec 18 2015

It sometimes lacks year-to-year consistency, but the most glaring omission from this list has to be Jubelale from Deschutes. Read more

Dec 16 2015

For a nearly lifelong vegetarian, spending an otherwise life-affirming semester studying in Buenos Aires wasn’t exactly culinary nirvana,... Read more

Dec 9 2015

who would be that unreasonable? my dumb holiday party should trump your livelihood. yeah that makes no sense.

Nov 18 2015

What’s the point of an alcoholic drink whose primary purpose is to get you wasted? Is this like a philosophy class or something?