Jan 11 2018

Free cars are best cars, as long as they run, drive, and stop.

Dec 16 2017

I live in the Bay Area, so really I rely on my GTI all year round. I do have steelies and snow tires though for Tahoe.

Feb 26 2016

I live in the great white north of Toronto... our grey market laws are 15 years, but my grey market import is 24 years young. I picked up a 1992 right hand drive mini from Japan last summer. 1275cc, British racing green, 4 speed manual transmission, right hand drive, pop out side windows, A/C that will never work and

Jan 7 2015

It's the same damned old formula...make a few in bright blue and red for the press, then churn out a gillion black, grey and white ones that are flogged to people whose driver's licenses are still fresh, all anxious to prove how tough they are. Only one out of 100 will be used to its capability, as posers drive from Read more

Jan 7 2014

The Jaguar XJ has always been lauded for ride and comfort from the start in 1968 - but the build quality for the first decade or two was infamous.

Jan 7 2014

The current era Chrysler 300s. We went from the lame M to the glorious SRT-8. FWD V6 < RWD V8

Jan 7 2014

Mid engined, V8 ferraris. In terms of looks AND performance.

(A 458 would slam even a 288GTO.)

Jan 7 2014

It's been a long time since I could recommend a Jaguar, the new F Type is amazing.