Apr 2

Is it really a technicality when you were just told the specific rule and you clearly broke it? The game doesn’t have that many rules.

Mar 31

And they stopped that once they figured out that it pissed off a lot of consumers and it was more profitable to keep high demand movies in print rather than making them scarce

Mar 31

So stop printing it. That has nothing to do with the digital version.

Mar 31

Your semantic argument relies on the assumption that when someone says “this doesn’t make any sense” they mean “this doesn’t make any sense to anyone anywhere”. But what they really mean is “this doesn’t make any sense *to me*”. Read more

Mar 17

Honestly, this sort of thing needs to be made illegal. Either the company is doing well enough for ALL employees to get raises/bonuses, or it isn’t and NOBODY gets raises/bonuses. And if a company is doing so poorly it has do fire people, nobody is getting a bonus or raises.

Mar 17

you dont get it do you? This level of payouts and structure makes sure that ALL CEOs and corp officials care about is one thing.. short term stock bumps so they can cash out some stock options. THAT means they dont care about the long term health of the company, they dont care about employees, their families, the Read more

Mar 17

We need laws setting CEO income caps. We’ve passed the point of absurd. Fuck this, fuck the rich, and fuck anyone who defends the idea that a single human “deserves” this level of wealth while the rest of the country plummets through one once-in-a-lifetime economic crash after another.

Mar 16

THANK YOU. That’s exactly my point. People drag this thing through the mud, and then beg for the very same games the Wii U had in droves. Read more

Mar 11

I think you’re grossly overestimating how much it costs to make games here. Game development costs factor in salaries and the like when calculated, and most games do not cost hundreds of millions to make per year.

Mar 10

Minish is easily the weakest of the Capcom Zelda’s imo. It’s still ok but its rarity has inflated its reputation a little. I remember it being inexplicably made available for free to 3DS “ambassadors” but never being officially made available thereafter for the system. Read more

Feb 25

Yes, actually, that is what the phrase means. Salting the earth was a method of putting down so much salt in an area that it killed off all plants and made it a struggle for anything to thrive there for a period of time. Some invading tribes would do it just to be dicks to any survivors left behind in raids. It is Read more

Feb 22

“What? Stadia has started its descent into an unsupported, anti-consumer mess of a shit show? Who would’ve thought?” Read more

Nov 16

Can’t we call it The Previous Generation? The Last Generation is a bit ominous in 2020