Friday 11:25AM

Broken link to YouTube video because commenter lacks the “copy+paste” skills to pull off such a feat. Read more

Monday 4:52PM

Despite the article being about and featuring pictures of terrifying animatronic monstrosities, the most disturbing image in the post is photo of Mitch McConnell.

6/10/21 11:09PM

Given continuing console supply issues, there's all kinds of games we're skipping right now.

6/07/21 2:10PM

I’m assuming we need to own the paid Hellraid expansion already for this? Should this headline be “10-month-old paid expansion gets update”?

6/03/21 9:26PM

Well the majority of them are selling. It’s more of an indictment of our economy that scalping is more profitable than basic service jobs and that so many people do this as their fulltime job.

6/02/21 1:20PM

Well if you were an influencer you'd get one because then you'd be influencing your followers to believe that companies like MS care about marginalized communities. The lesson here is, if you want a controller, embrace the sewage system that is social media

6/02/21 1:12PM

Ugh, I hate when brands make things and then don’t make them available. What’s the point? Showing something I could conceivably want and saying “you can’t have this” isn’t going to make me want to support the company more in the future.

5/29/21 3:22PM

Go figure a system that’s been having a ton of supply problems has games with lackluster online populations.

5/15/21 4:13AM

Ignoring the odd specificity you demand, yes, people guessed a melee DPS called “Reaper”. Read more

5/15/21 3:35AM

I saw “class called Reaper” many, many times since the last presentation, yes.

5/14/21 11:04PM

I mean, if you didn’t enjoy Shb enough to continue, then the game just probably isn’t for you tbh

5/10/21 4:17PM

Crystalis. It’s one of the NES’s underrated gems, and a must-play for anyone who wants Zelda-style gameplay mixed with RPG elements. The graphics definitely need some polish (they were more functional than good-looking), but it was such a fun game to play.

5/03/21 8:15PM

looks can be deceiving though. for all we know the PS4 could be chocolate or cake.

4/30/21 6:43PM

I’ve had friends who’ve played it but never actually played any of them. Unless it’s Metal Gear I’m turned off by military stuff. 

4/26/21 11:25PM

I haven’t had to do anything “weird” to run a game on a PC in, jeez, I’d guess 15 years at least. And I’ve been playing games on PCs since the late 80s so believe me when I say I’ve done some weird crap to make games work. I’m curious what issue you had with the one game? Based on your sarcastic description I’m Read more

4/22/21 7:20PM

Uh, yes, a 750% price increase will dramatically lower the amount of dust you have for other things like emotes and new armors. That’s so obvious I truly wonder what you’re talking about.

4/02/21 1:54PM

Is it really a technicality when you were just told the specific rule and you clearly broke it? The game doesn’t have that many rules.