Ray Fontaine
Sep 29 2014

First Amendment is about free speech, not the right to assemble wherever I please.

Aug 7 2014

You raise a number of valid points, but in the interest of fairness, you should have pointed out that you were the only person among a group of relatively unintelligent commenters who missed the entire fucking joke.

Aug 6 2014

I'm not going to debate with a guy who can't spell Billie Jean correctly, or who doesn't know that Dark Horse kicks fucking ass.

Aug 6 2014

You just made the dumbest comment in Deadspin history. And that's saying a lot.

Jul 15 2014

I'm not eligible for this promotion. You'll know why when you get to the seven-chapter section on their long snapper.

Jun 30 2014

This list has Goose Island and not Jai Alai. It must be destroyed.

Jun 27 2014

2:32 wouldn't win a decent middle school meet of either gender. So I think it's well outside the "incredibly fast" range.