Mike Satinover
Jun 17 2019

Wait, Apple Jacks are supposed to taste like apple? That has never crossed my mind while I ate them. I just figured the name was some weird regional thing like Cincinnati Chili, or Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Jan 8 2019

You didn’t hear? We’re getting paid off by Big Garlic Lobby

Dec 20 2018

San Soo is the downtown version of a rather popular 24-hr spot uptown called San Soo Gab San. Can’t tell you how often I visited there at 2 am in my 20's. The ramen place close to SS was likely Ramen Takeya, who makes one of my favorite ramens in the city — chicken paitan, a tonkotsu-level rich chicken broth. The best Read more

Dec 5 2018

I LOVE THIS SERIES. I admit I haven’t tried any of these recipes, but just reading these articles has made some ramen recipes I’ve made in the past (with extremely mixed success) suddenly make a lot more sense. Read more

Nov 15 2018

Unfortunately, instead of ice cream and cars, he now wants people to give up soy sauce and RDR2. I’ll be honest; the soy sauce thing I don’t get. That he would want them to give up the game seems like a reference to Rockstar’s poor treatment of workers who were rushed to finish it, and the fact that most people Read more

Nov 9 2018

So the answer turns out to be yeah, sort of, in that disodium inosinate, the animal one, can be created meatlessly through microbial fermentation, and at industrial scale, it usually is (in much the same way that citric acid power isn’t made from actual lemons). Read more