Rafi Schwartz
Senior writer. When in doubt he'll have the soup.
Sep 16

Hey, in a way, I should be thanking you. I haven’t thought of that song in years, and I needed a smile this afternoon.

Jul 23

Lutefisk would be my suggestion, dried out, soaked in lye, allegedly edible.

Jun 13 2019

He needs to stop blubbering. Orcan’t he help himself?

May 20 2019

is it difficult to cover these stories when you know it all means nothing anymore?

May 16 2019

...old enough to have good taste in music, ya damned whipper-snapper.

Feb 1 2019

Rafi, hi, I really enjoy you! Please note that technically, “late term” is a pregnancy that is past 41 weeks, i.e., after the “due date” so there really is no such thing as a late term abortion as the cases of abortions after even 30 weeks are so, so extremely rare. The anti-choice side has used this rhetoric to get Read more

Dec 27 2018

I don’t think it’ll happen in one huge stream, but it’ll slowly dribble out and sprinkle a few drops here and there.