Rachel Fairbank
Rachel Fairbank is a freelance science writer based in Texas. When she is not writing, she can be found spending time with her family, or at her local boxing gym.
Jun 12

My apologies for the confusion. tl;dr is a common abbreviation in some circles, but not others. 

Jun 10

Volunteering is fantastic, and a wonderful thing to do, but it doesn’t pay the electric bill or rent. 

Jun 8

You make a really point. Overall, the U.S. has similar crime rates as a lot of other developed countries, but we lock up a lot more people, which is not good for our overall morale as a country. Thanks so much for your comment. 

Jun 6

The answer is that a lot of people in this country are hesitant to call when something like this happens, and for good reason. Which means we need to replace the police force with a more effective solution that actually serves more people, such as community organizations and social services. Read more

Jun 6

I’m not suggesting replacing the police with a group of unpaid, untrained volunteers who do 3 hours of work a week. I am suggesting taking the money we spend on the police and using that for community organizations staffed with paid professionals, who specialize in mental health, trauma, and other issues. 

Jun 5

I’m so glad I could help shed light on your experience. Thank you for sharing. 

Jun 5

I’d never heard of it before either, although in hindsight, it makes sense. (My father was in the ICU for an extended period when I was young, and his behavior was quite different after he got out.)

Jun 5

Oh, Texas. *sighs* (I live in TX, so I’m acutely familiar with our leaders foibles.)

Jun 4

Body cams haven’t been shown to work, not to mention no amount of accountability will bring someone back from the dead. 

May 30

In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, most doctors don’t have a whole lot of time to spend with their patients.

May 28

I think it would be considered a side effect if the sleepiness persists longer than it should, such as for hours after you wake up. 

May 27

It sounds like you use melatonin exactly the way everyone should. (Also, jet lag is a beast!)