Jun 9 2017

You are kidding me, right? Either that or you are a young ‘un. I can’t tell you how many of my dad’s ties I stole in the late 70s or how many vests and baggy pants we all had. We were ALL Doin’ the Annie.

Jun 3 2017

Wyatt Cenac made it sound like there were some real issues. Seth Meyers does a much better job having a diverse writers room. It doesn’t seem to have been an issue for him.

Jun 3 2017

You remember Colbert’s “black friend”? That was Jordan Carlos, a comedian they had to hire from outside — to do nothing but pose for pictures with Colbert — because they didn’t have any black people working on the show. He wrote an article at one point in which he detailed meeting a Daily Show writer at a party, Read more

May 18 2017

Jesus. You know what else has “beautiful curves” to contrast with the “straight lines of the product?” Read more

May 17 2017

Not every show has to be a Trump bashing bonanza..... But we don’t need pro-Trump propaganda either. He didn’t stay apolitical, he got involved directly.

Mar 29 2017

As a former teacher, I can pretty much guarantee his elementary school book reports went kind of like this: “This was a great book. I really liked it. Lots of really interesting things happened in it. It also had good characters. I really liked the parts with the descriptions, and the language the author used.”

Mar 11 2017

Nope. The scientific term is “gin blossoms”. That’s what happens when you’re a severe, late-stage alcoholic. So he’s a lush in addition to being a white supremacist, anarchist, and general walking excrement.

Mar 5 2017

When someone brings up PC-culture as a refutation, it’s always the final square of Asshole Bingo. His refutation points more to the fact that he’s totes okay with Affleck because he doesn’t see anything wrong with behaving like Affleck, than to whatever point he was trying to make (we’re all so mean? I dunno).

Feb 28 2017

“I would never ...” = “I didn’t realize there would be consequences for my actions.” Which is why we are seeing an uptick in racist and anti-Semitic acts; people are getting the message that they can get away with it.

Feb 28 2017

Laverne Cox, Neil Patrick Harris, and James Corden. A trio that can sing, dance, and act.

Feb 28 2017

McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani were great hosting the Independent Spirit Awards (I think that’s what it was). Produced one of my favorite skits - McKinnon as Carol.

Feb 27 2017

Anyone who saw Gosling’s SNL hosting job knows he can’t keep a straight face through anything

Feb 27 2017

Meryl is always SO happy for anyone who wins, too. She’s got her accolades and acclaim, and she is just thrilled to see others get the same.