Quasi Hatrack
Jul 3

Having bad feelings towards America due to racism, authoritarian leaders, sexism, income inequality, and the way LGBTQ people are treated is certainly reasonable. Read more

Jun 22

Having been through this many, many times, I would say that I would rather euthanize a few days too early, than one day too late. More than anything, I want to save them from any suffering. Read more

Jun 18

I picked up the dramatized audiobook, since I had a couple of Audible credits lying around.

Jun 14

I have a friend who recently purchased a home and I was surprised by how much closing costs were, so it’s definitely on my radar. Read more

Jun 12

Oh dang, Quasi. I’m so sorry about your back. I know that hurts so much and makes every day activities nearly impossible. Just take some time to relax and rest and hopefully that spasm will work it’s way out with some ice/heat. :( I hope you feel better very soon!

Jun 4

If they do, it would take nine months to arrive at your table and they wouldn’t let you know it was there.