Quasi Hatrack
Nov 2

If he doesn’t want to go, let all the civilians leave then build a wall around the White House and turn it into the fanciest Federal Penitentiary in the country. We can build a new modern Presidential estate on the grounds where the current Trump hotel in DC is when we seize all his assets to pay for the wall.

Oct 27

Don’t put a fake number, just don’t list it. If they really care, they can ask. You can then have a discussion around why they think it’s important, and point to more recent successes in your work history. False info on a CV is a big no no.

Oct 13

Oh, hell yeah - in the before times. I haven’t seen much in the way of yard/garage/estate sales in the last 6 months, but I’ve got some yard sale canning jars that weren’t close to new when I picked them up during the first Clinton administration.