Priyanka Bose
Priyanka Bose is an Indian American writer & photographer based in Chicago. A Fulbright Scholar born and brought up in the Midwest, she loves writing about all things food, fashion, film, and fiction.
Jul 28

Oh, it was awful - a mere description doesn’t even do justice to how uncomfortable and terrible it was to watch him berate her. She articulately and thoughtfully explains the challenging position she was in but he doesn’t even try to understand her perspective:

May 14

Honestly, it was a real challenge for me to narrow this down to 10! I did actually have both Tales of Ba Sing Se and The Ember Island Players on my original shortlist. Ember Island Players ended up getting cut as I felt it wasn’t really an episode for a casual viewer - it’s much more of a present to dedicated fans who Read more

Apr 8

I can’t wait to watch this....there will absolutely be so many tears- this is one of my favorite shows of all time and I am not ready to say bye! Read more

Mar 18

It was 1989, so it’s possible that even ginger powder wouldn’t have been available at that time! I’ll have to ask them. Even if it were to be available though, it wouldn’t work for our specific recipes, which often require fresh ginger and garlic to be mashed together into a paste. Read more