Rangarajan Kesavan
3:02 PM

I’m a bit bummed that the story and villain characters aren’t more fleshed out and interesting, but I think the main draw for me to try this game is exactly what you laid out in this article - the world and gameplay. Far Cry games have always been more about the freedom to go do all kinds of crazy stuff in this big, Read more

1:33 PM

So this is my first Monster Hunter game as well, i’m probably about five hours in. I would definitely echo a lot of your sentiments above. I’m really liking the game so far, but I have to admit to multiple moments of frustration in my first few hours.

I think most of these frustrations stem from the sheer density of Read more

9:43 AM

Left Behind was greaaaaaat!!!! If there's one studio that could prove you don't need combat to make a game like this interesting, it's Naughty Dog.

9:31 AM

Took a day off from work to play through this masterpiece. This game is perfect. I loved Uncharted 2 and was very meh on Uncharted 3 so I was reasonably worried I won't like TLoU. I had fun with the Uncharted series but 3 disappointed me a lot (I thought the graphics were a downgrade, the story didn't get to me as Read more

8:57 AM

I played this game four times in a row when it came out. Four times, back to back, over two weeks. Seriously one of the best games ever made.

9:29 AM

Well, if your console only has one major IP, you better milk the fuck out of it. Would be surprised if the next Microsoft console isn't just called the Halobox.