Peter Monshizadeh
Enjoys working on vehicles with poor reputations.

Transcribing a 1-hour interview is about as close to back-breaking work as this job gets. I hope you all like it. Read more

The Rest Is Up To You

I started my career at a big daily newspaper. I learned to be a journalist in the trenches with people who were

Patrick, thanks for not banning Mergio or I back in the day.

Wow - great write up, Peter. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration to tackle increasingly difficult jobs. I can’t believe that you do all of that exhaust and transmission work on jack-stands. I’m just getting too old to be on my back like that any more. :)
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You are the reason I’m working on my Miata and taking a welding class this fall! Without going into too many details, I now own a 1991 Miata. While I doubt I will put a fraction of attention into the car as you did with this BMW, it was following your youtube videos that I decided to learn how to weld and see if I can Read more

Nice work.  I was wondering when you would be back with something awesome.  That’s a great looking machine there. Read more

Amazing work...bravo! <insert clapping gif here>. Thank you for taking the time to document the entire process...this is some great work! Read more

Peter; I’m a 2-door fan but gosh this is just a gorgeous thing. Congratulations! After having an E36 323is as a bachelor party car I now get the allure. An E30 325is is indeed on my list.
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Amazing effort on an absolute nightmare machine. Also, mega kudos on the steering wheel repair. Read more

This is incredible. Such attention to detail and thoroughness. I always look forward to your articles, Peter. Read more

ME: “I’m just going to pop over to Jalopnik and read the headlines, then get some work done.” Read more

Incredible work.  Some commenters are giving you a hard time about the total labour hours - they’re wrong.  Good on you for diving in and learning a bunch of skills. Read more

hell yeah it was worth it! Thanks for the write up - we LOVE these stories. It’ll help keep me and my son going on the old ‘47 Willys we are in the middle of.... Read more

I would love to see more features like this. Read more

Nicely documented repair. In the early 70's when I was a paid wrench twister, GM had introduced riveted-in ball joints and we disliked them back then too. I have a high mileage 97 Ram 2500 4X4 and they are hard on the track rod ball joint on the driver’s side. Moog made an upgraded “problem solver” replacement track Read more

Finally got around to doing this yesterday. Getting the part out of the car and onto the bench was 99% of the effort. 5 mins and the part was working again. Thanks so much for sharing this. Most people would never even try something like this. I tried to fix this before i found your article and got down just shy of Read more

Looks like fun. Great acute write up. Keep em coming! Read more

Thank you for replacing the brake lines. It drives me nuts when people think they're still good after 30 years. Read more

Thank you Peter, i always enjoy your writeups and gives me hope to finish my Z Read more