Peter Monshizadeh
Enjoys working on vehicles with poor reputations.

I think a turbo would find the weak link in the high mileage engine pretty darn quick. Read more

I haven’t taken on a full-on engine rebuild yet, or a full-body respray. I would like to try these sometime. Read more

There are so many more! Go take a look if you have a lot of time. Read more

I think those are a direct swap for an E30, but I would want more offset/lip than those wheels have. Thanks for the offer though. Read more

Not gonna lie, I would love to do this swap.  Read more

I’d pick up the following for your class: Read more

The coincidence of two people being dealt the same terrible hand is difficult to comprehend. I’m only kidding of course. Kind of. Read more

Oops tell your boss sorry for me! Read more

Honestly that’s where I should have pulled the plug as well. But I then saw it as learning opportunity and went for it. Read more

I’ve learned mostly through trial and error, factory service manuals, and a continuously growing pile of tools. Read more

Thanks! I’d love some BBS wheels, if only they didn’t cost like half the car’s value. Read more

I don’t have documentation of it, but it looked to me as though the head has been off/rebuilt before. The engine runs well for street use. Read more

I have couple of update videos in the pipeline on this car which I hope to get edited soon. Thanks for sticking with the project all this time! Read more

It’s a Hobart Handler 140 with C25 shielding gas. It’s a great machine for sheet metal welding and only requires a 120V electrical outlet. A larger machine will require a 240V outlet wherever you’re welding. Read more

I used a color matched spray paint kit from ScratchWizard. I’ve used them before and had good results. Good luck on your E30! Read more

Oh I’m sure it will be a piece of cake! Just like everything else on a Z32. Read more

Thanks! I certainly wouldn’t do the steering wheel again without a sewing machine that’s for sure. Unfortunately I was too far into doing it by hand before I figured that out. Read more

Luckily the driveshaft had been rebuilt prior to my ownership with removable U-joints and was still in good shape. Read more

That’s a great looking car you have there. Read more

Thanks Jeff! I imagine a shop proficient in these cars could do all the work in half the time. Heck maybe 1/4 the time? I don’t know, but it would still cost a lot! Read more