Prachi Gupta
Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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Mar 21 2019

This is one of the best pieces I’ve read about a public figure’s questionable past online/interpersonal actions since it actually wrestles with the nature of personal growth within Cancel Culture (TM). Read more

Oct 10 2018

There are ways to get these people the proper IDs they need. It is a bit complicated but should work.
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Jun 26 2018

I know it’s depressing but the only thing to do is to still fight. I wasn’t kidding when I posted how proud I am of the ACLU. Nearly every state ACLU is doing voter rights and registrations and you could volunteer with that to help register voters for November. You can also donate money to the ACLU who has been Read more

Mar 9 2018

We went to the labor strike in Washington Square Park to listen to radical feminists of color talk about individual issues such as the NYC stripper’s strike, the strike in West Virginia, the oppression of Palestinian women by the occupation, etc! We did that for the two hours we would have been blogging. It felt Read more

Mar 9 2018

Then shouldn’t people who DO have that luxury do what they can to stand in solidarity with/for their sisters who cannot? I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I have a responsibility to stand up for/help people who don’t have the same access to certain privileges that I do. I don’t believe in leaving all of Read more

Mar 9 2018

We went to a strike/protest and listened to speakers for a couple of hours, most of whom were marginalized women of color. The group of black sex workers involved with the stripers strike had the best call to action of the evening, in my opinion. But I was also moved by speeches given by local NYC nurses who were Read more

Dec 20 2017

Prachi! I ran against you at a cross country meet in college. You finished 6 spots ahead of me at the CMU invite in 2008. I love the internet!

Nov 1 2017

Prachi, your drawing is pretty damn good. The low eye point perspective is damn near spot on. Read more

May 31 2017

This is Garin and Erika, IF YOU WANT TO HELP FIX THIS (and now you do)- go to our website (links in article) and SIGN THE PETITION immediately, and follow links to Rally and Rise to get info on calling senators to put pressure on them. We have talked to the senators- this matters, call Read more

May 5 2017

Trump looks like a political cartoonist drew him, thought the caricature was too exaggerated, crumpled the sketch into a ball and threw it away. Later, under deadline, he said “Eh, fuck it, good enough” fished the sketch out of the wastebasket, smoothed it out with his hands and sent it in. Read more

Mar 27 2017

Nobody is saying what this is really about - self-deportations. The government is well aware that it lacks the resources to round up over 10 million people. It simply cannot do it. What it CAN do, however, is create such a climate of fear and distrust that people will begin to voluntarily leave. The next things we see Read more