Powder Pedro
3:23 PM

I live out in the Kootenays in British Columbia. If you don’t have the mountain and snowflake symbol on your tires and at least 3mm of tread insurance will NOT cover you in an accident regardless if it’s your fault or not.  Having had all sorts of combinations of tires. I have to say winter tires make a huge Read more

11:55 AM

9k for a 1997 Legacy? CP all day.  This is a 3k car at most

4:57 PM

As someone that lives in the mountains and climbs them I can highly suggest an used Subaru Outback, as it’s always the answer.  AWD, good ground clearance, room for all your gear and you can sleep in it.

12:35 PM

I absolutely agree with the bright colours on the mountain. When I used to teach at Whistler on my days off I was all muted and dark colours.  However now it’s all about the bright especially bright when touring.  I want my friends to be able to see and find me!

4:17 PM

This is an excellent pattern. Be careful though it may take over. I don’t know what happened but over the past couple of years I’ve started to enjoy the walk up more and more. Read more

11:35 AM

It feels like it’s a trend with the touring gear for most people. However around here (whenever the snow decides to come) I’d say about 40% of people are on touring gear and of those 40%, I’d say 80% are at least doing slackcountry type stuff. If you look at the webcams for Kootenay Pass, you’ll see about a 100 cars Read more

11:32 AM

Awesome!  I’m glad it’s begun. We are finally getting some snow here in the West Kootenays.  Hopefully get some downhill laps soon.  It’s just been the XC skis for the past few weeks for us here.  

11:16 AM

Nice and it shows up at your door.  Hope the parts work well for you.  Really hard to beat their pricing!

7:00 PM

I’ve always had good luck with Rockauto parts. More than one of the local mechanics have been impressed with the price for the quality.  Even have heard (unconfirmed) that some of the parts you buy at Lordco are ordered from rockauto

5:29 PM

The simple solution is the Nokian WGR3 the all weather tire.  Not great at anything but better in winter than the ‘all seasons’

12:57 PM

So what you’re saying is that they are flying off the shelves? I agree about the little bit of extra weight. But stuff is so light these days comparatively speaking that it’s very light. The only other thing I feel will be a little odd is to have to push down to open the wings to get the pins to engage. Might be a bit Read more

11:41 AM

I agree with you entirely.  I have the first gen Kingpin and it’s performed really well.  I did have my toe pieces replaced.  But after many many many days on them they are starting to get tired.  From what I’ve seen and read the Shift will pretty much nail what I want.  I’m in no rush as we have almost no snow yet.  Read more