Fred Smith
Nov 16

Great story. On a similar note, Donald Healey asked a junior designer named Jerry Coker—who, to my knowledge had never designed a real car before—to put a body on what was to be the Healey 100 (on the right). Eventually, the car was built by Austin and had a successful production run of over 14 years. Shelby wanted to

Nov 16

Has to be Nissan's Pike cars, particularly the Pao and Figaro. They shared too few parts with the Micra and were intentionally built in too few numbers to ever pay back their development costs, were designed for a niche market so obscure it probably couldn't be accurately researched, and didn't do anything Read more

Nov 16

The Stinger. In a market that’s needlessly switching to crossovers, its the combination of a shrinking market that shouldn’t be. Its a 4 door liftback sports sedan. Kia could’ve given us a performance crossover that slotted between the Sportage and the Sorrento. Thank god they didn’t.

Nov 29 2017

I think you’re confusing this with a different movie. This is a biopic of the family dog on “King of the Hill”.

Nov 29 2017

I’m confused as to how they turn this into a movie about Lynden Johnson’s wife, but I’m gonna stick it out to the end.

Nov 26 2017

That’s a shame, the booster club’s “He Said Schia-yes” t-shirts are non-refundable.

Nov 24 2017

How can this be true AND Jerruh is the shadow commissioner? Like there’s someone behind him pulling the strings? That’s stupid Read more

Nov 20 2017

God, I haven’t seen such an obvious excuse to go out of one’s way to casual note one’s Ivy League heritage since I was at Yale.

Nov 8 2017

Nope. He’s the DC, not the special teams coach.

Nov 6 2017

We (well, I) used to live in a time when NFL players played baseball and also did amazing baseball things, even against each other. No biggie.

Oct 31 2017

So many of these I’ve never heard before! This is my current favorite:

Oct 25 2017

Yeah, right. If he was so good ten years ago, then how come he’s not on the Cavs?

Oct 25 2017

I think we need to argue about this for at least 100 more comments, with nobody citing any real evidence, and then one of us needs to demand to fight the other in Murrieta. (Temecula is booked.)