Pontifex (G/O Fuck yourself, Spanfe||er)
Oct 16

I read an interview a while ago that the Maslany quadruplets were actually the inspiration behind The Prestige, although Nolan ended up cutting it down to twins because four of them was too far beyond belief. 

Oct 15

I know some people have trouble with the show at the beginning; that’s one of the ones (along with Root Cause) that I like to use to introduce people.

Damn, that’s such a great fucking show.

Oct 12

Presumably because it’s a lot easier to find an ASL coach than a JSL coach. Would it be better to have the sign equivalent of a conlang expert design this? Yes, although I’d imagine that sort of expertise would be even more difficult to find. Given that her character created the language from whole cloth (and Read more

Oct 9

I think they can go somewhere decent with it. I’m assuming that Neuman is a Vought agent intended to shape and direct public opposition in a useful way.A lot of the things Vought did this season involved trying to hide behind progressive positions; most of them were just hilariously bad/transparent attempts (Girls get Read more

Sep 28

The storylines are still solid (particularly seasons 2 & 3), but the whole thing does look like it was rendered on an N64. Then again, the CG is so bad that it passes through the other side of the uncanny valley, so there’s a plus.
I’d love to see them re-master it with new CG but the same audio. 

Sep 28

The only thing good about Beast Machines was the continued character growth of Cheetor from the kid character into a proper leader. If they eventually remake/re-adapt Beast Wars, I hope they include that.