Preston Mitchum
Preston Mitchum is Black queer writer based in Washington, DC. He is a contributor with The Root and theGrio and has written for the Atlantic, Think Progress, and HuffPost.
Sep 12 2017

This is well thought out and beautiful. It was tough for me to speak out initially because is where I started writing consistently (shout-out to Jamilah!). When other friends started writing for them and I started to hear about not being paid (I wasn’t a couple times), I knew it was time to speak up an Read more

Sep 8 2017

I love Cardi B! Everything about her - including her rapping. I actually wrote an article for The Root about her two weeks ago, lol. She raps hard in ways I haven’t heard from someone who has made mainstream (and who’s a woman artist). I don’t care if she’s the best rapper in the world. Her songs (including her two Read more

Aug 10 2017

Thanks for reading! I’m certainly not saying any type is “better.” We all deserve to be represented, no doubt. I’m calling into question that this type just happens to also be the type who we relegate in real life. And that makes me question would be care about “diversity” if it was flipped. My opinion is no.