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I watched Octopus Teacher the other day to prep for this episode and the biggest thing I took from it was how shitty it would be to be a teenager and your dad just wanted to talk to you about this fucking octopus everyday for a year.

I think my only critique of Monkey Grifter is that they give too much away in the Read more

Really well written review, Mr. Hughes. The synthesis idea felt like a good description of Documentary Now!’s comedic style: Take the spirit of the original, make some loving jokes about its more recognizable themes, then drive the crazy school bus straight into the absurd. Read more

Yes, but it used to be a more thriving community of sad, sad nerds, with more people not giving a shit and just brain-dumping the progress they’d made over the past week, where they made it up to, and what they were going to work on next. And then other sad, sad nerds would pop into the comments and say, “Ooooh, yes, Read more

Watching Archer deep-six a dude down a bathroom drain Read more

I beat the final boss of Elden Ring a couple weeks ago* and I think I’m ready to put the game down for the time being, at least until the DLC drops (unless the DLC is heavily PVP-focused, as the colloseums scattered about the Land Between seem to suggest). I enjoyed my time, but there are plenty other games out there Read more

The name of the article series is Read more

Elden Ring general rule of thumb: if you ever find yourself thinking you might need more Vigor, you absolutely, most definitely need more Vigor. Read more

I was speaking more in generalities rather than accusing you specifically; but that you expressed shame in enjoying the game (ironic or not) feels like it highlights something toxic in how we tend to talk about pop culture. Sorry if I didn’t express that very well. Read more

Laszlo after hearing about the New Jersey Devil’s low hanging balls and button cock—”fantastic” with just the right amount of respect and/or breathy arousal. Glorious and sublime. Read more

No one’s asking the big question here: Read more

July 31 seems to be an important date in pop culture. Lisa Simpson (in the timeline established in “Lisa’s Wedding” (which granted, may have only been a dream) was set to marry Hugh (before she called it off due to his dislike of Homer) on July 31, 2010. Weirdly, I know a Lisa who *was* married on that date.
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I’ve finally started playing disco elysium and holy hell, disco elysium is freaking incredible. One day of in game time and this already one of the best written and most hilarious games I’ve ever played. Read more

Why would it? This isn’t a review, it’s a meditation on a story. Read more

Needs more Killface. “Welcome to you’re DOOM”
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So I started playing Life is Strange: True Colors this morning, and first off, the writing is FAR superior to the previous LiS titles. The dialog feels more realistic. Read more

I really like Cozy Grove because even though part of me wants to play in 8-hour chunks, I appreciate that the game won’t let me.

I also really like games that are about helping instead of killing. Read more

I liked Mundaun because it literally hit close to home. Mundaun has a lot of things going for it: An absolutely unique artstyle (all textures were hand penciled by most-solo developer Michel Ziegler), an extremely dense atmosphere, which balances the uncanny with a grotesque sense of humor, and an impeccable sense of Read more

With last weekend being longer thanks to Memorial Day, and my having bought Dragon Age 2, I ended up not going back to Thedas, mostly because I need to move my Origins/Awakening save from my old PC to my newer one so I can import the world state, however other things kept coming up.

I hear the training levels for this game are brutal.