William Hughes
9:39 AM

While most (if not all) of the Myst games deal with worlds that have been used and discarded, Riven was about a world that was literally falling apart.

2:47 PM

As far as annoying sidekicks in games go, the one that’s stuck with me all these years is Cedric the Owl from King’s Quest V. Whenever I got stuck I’d try to kill him with my magic wand.

1:56 AM

I bet once they get around to a game focusing on the Saga of Yamcha, then the franchise will have reached the appropriate stopping point.

3:20 PM

not unlike Debratha, the first time she saw Bradley the Helpful Firefighter limpid and nude in the tumescent light of dawn Read more

2:05 AM

I had quite a bit of fun with Link’s Awakening on release day. Huge fan of Link’s Awakening, and have long said that it’s not just one of the best Game Boy games; it’s one of the best Zelda games. I appreciate that they didn’t change the core game with the updates they made. Outside of graphical changes, it’s mostly ju Read more

1:20 AM

That’s a lovely sentiment to end up at after re-evaluating your own perceptions. I’ve never particularly cared for 8-bit graphics and when I was young, I didn’t have the knowledge or capital to collect a lot of Gameboy games or know which ones were good (thanks, James Bond 007!, the closest game to Zelda I ever Read more

2:08 AM

Detroit: Become Human
I had fun playing through this game and it looks great with some stellar music themes. Cheering and regretting choices or failed quick-time events at times, the minute-to-minute experience was addictive. It’s the aftermath, when you let it sink in and think deeper, the game turns out to be quite Read more

2:50 PM

I don’t think it’s necessarily the quantity of the writing that makes Torment work the way it does, or even the quality of the prose itself. It’s the actual design of the gameplay as it relates to the narrative. They did something very clever and very difficult with RPG design. Most RPG player characters to that point Read more

6:17 AM

I finished Judgment. It took me 55 hours!

4:01 AM

Let’s not forget Michael T Weiss, the Pretender himself, as the voice of the Nameless one. Don’t let it end like this.

2:31 AM

You left out Mitch Pileggi (as Dak’kon) and Dan Castellaneta (as Nordom) in your list of the game’s stellar voice talent. No biggie, I just thought I’d mention them. :) Read more

11:03 PM

The montage song is “Robert De Niro” by Queen Sarah Saturday. The band hails from Durham, NC, where Adam Reed went to college, and were active during the same years. Their song “Seems” was notably featured in Empire Records as the workers prepare to open the store. AJ abruptly changes the song, using his veto for the Read more

11:42 PM

Ended up watching this episode twice, and loved it even more the second time around. The whole unravelling was done spectacularly, it honestly felt like a longer episode than it was, transitioning from the cube mystery to Archer’s breakdown.

1:23 AM

Also, Mr. Hughes, I like the idea of this gaming church, and if any of my gaming buddies of old were in the same time zone, or at the very least, the same continent, I think I’d definitely participate, but probably on something even less hostile than Terraria. Probably good old Stardew Valley (which I really should Read more