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I’m just glad someone ID’d the exact moment. Read more

Thanks, Merve! These all look great - Norco was my one big "Wish I'd gotten to it before GOTY Season" regret Read more

I think that’s a really good point about the title - the twist would land better if we weren’t primed for it. (On the other hand, hearing Helen Mirren say “My Monkey Grifter” is pretty great.) Read more

I’m going to try that for next week, it definitely over-shadowed things a bit this time. I do at least two full watches of an episode for review anyway (initial impressions and then a second sweep for great lines or details I missed) so doing a watch before and after watching the doc will probably be helpful. Read more

Ha, you know, my eye has skipped right over the lack of the R every time I’ve ever seen the title, and I never realized it was a pun. Thanks for pointing it out! Read more

“Soldiers Of The Sea” is in regular rotation for my writing playlist. Golden Idol’s soundtrack is good, if not as good - which is kind of where the game falls aesthetically in comparison to Obra Dinn across the board, honestly. Read more

Orb Of Creation is an aesthetic triumph and I love how it switches up gameplay every few hours (while also bemoaning that those kinds of constant structural shifts ensure that dev time is taking forever) Read more

I keep threatening myself with a replay of Cyberpunk, a game that has some genuine Witcher 3-level storytelling in it, buried under a LOT of chaff (and hopefully slightly fewer bugs than it had at launch).

And, yeah, Misanthrope... If you trust the people you trust to get that ending, after seeing the whole wide Read more

Tunic is maybe the game my opinion has veered on the most wildly over the last year or so. I don’t like the core gameplay very much, but the experience of taking several days to crack the code of the language and dive into the deep-deep secrets was so very satisfying. (Then I ran out of steam looking for stuff.) Read more

Yeah, this is the place for general games discussion, and I love seeing these big, meaty posts. That Disney game looks so damn weird... Read more

Thanks for pointing this out! I’d missed the AP article where her manager talked about correcting the public record on her age. (Looks like it fooled Wikipedia too, which is what I pulled from; they updated a few minutes ago.) Read more

There are callbacks you won’t get. But the game does include an in-game scrapbook that lays out the plots of all the games (and has a bunch of jokes in it, because of course it does.) Read more

I find that second phase to be a bit easier than the second - it’s mostly a DPS race, since you’re just trying to get him down before he can set off too many of the REALLY annoying attacks. Read more

I keep diving back in to Immortality to find those last few scenes, and keep getting frustrated clicking, like, a chair to try to get a scene I know is in there but just never getting the right result. The randomness is frustrating, but the game is so neat that it drives me to keep trying. Read more

I keep looking at Soul Hackers 2 and then holding myself back; I feel that yearly JRPG urge rising inside me, but I’ll probably try to put it off by playing one of the old 3DS SMT games instead. (I’m like a quarter of the way through SMT 4: Apocalypse right now.) Read more

I’m not sure if my piece is the target of the accusations of “pretentious contrarianism” here; I did my best to give a good faith explanation of why Fortnite is both compelling and repulsive to me (and sometimes compelling because some of the stuff that’s been baked into it over the years is so emblematic of its sort Read more

I need to come back and finish Intergrade at some point, I liked what I played of it. I gave in to my own worst impulses last night and shelled out 66 percent sale price for Final Fantasy Origins, even though I still have a LOT of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to play. Read more

Yeah, I would say 20th Century Food Court is the closest thing; you’re constructing “code,” of a sort, it’s just that you’re doing it via this complicated sets of wires and devices. As with a lot of the Zachtronics programming games, a big part of it is figuring out what you can do within the limitations of the Read more