Read This: An oral history of Bob Costas' horrible pink eye infection at the 2014 Winter Games

As various young athletes push themselves to the limits this week, competing against each other for glory and validation on the world stage, Vulture has scored what might be the ultimate in 2018 Winter Olympics coverage: An oral history of that time back in 2014, when Bob Costas got pink eye so bad that he had to be…

A couple of guys tried to Vincent Adultman their way into Black Panther last night

Today, in honestly-we’re-kind-of-amazed-we’ve-never-seen-people-try-this-before-in-real-life news: A couple of young guys posted a video of themselves online last night, attempting to sneak into a screening of Black Panther by putting on a trench coat and having one guy sit on the other’s shoulders. It was a classic


Hey, it's the theme song for the new Muppet Babies, complete with Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry

For kids who grew up in what we’re just going to go ahead and call “The Muppet Babies generation,” few of the show’s elements were more inescapable than its constantly upbeat earworm of a theme song, with its quasi-Faustian promises to “make your dreams come true.” Now, the show’s upcoming Disney Jr. revival—which