Jim Spanfeller Sucks Shit
6:46 PM

“We’re creating a process of indentured servitude on Mars, and establishing a libertarian caste system based entirely off of debt!” Read more

3:58 PM

Yea, Trump and his entire family of larvae couldn’t spot a good bespoke to save their goddamn lives. Daddy Trump thinks he knows tailoring and looks like a bag of meat stuff in a trashbag. Trump Jr has a pear shape thing he tries to hide terribly with a chest cut that shows you the tailor loathes him. Eric is one step Read more

3:25 PM

It’s really bad tailoring. It looks like an off-the rack suit an entry level 25 year old salesman would buy from Kohl’s or JC Penny. A rich 40 year old with a real tailor would never have his jacket snatched in so small in the waist that there’s no drape, which also exposes the passe hip-hugger low rise trousers (very Read more

11:57 AM

Parnas is a classic mid level mob goon, but smart enough to know that right now he has two options: fess up and turn state’s evidence (and, gee whiz has he got a lot of evidence!), or drink the polonium tea. He’s safer with option one.

1:16 PM

You guys are really free to stop giving Jeffree Star attention any time. No one here will be sad about it.

8:16 AM

I’m impressed they owned up to it. Admitting blame is not a habit known for authoritarian regimes. I guess that puts the kibosh on the "US made them do it" line of bullshit.  Read more

6:47 AM

Well at least they owned up to it. Russians been lying for 6 years nowabout the same mistake.

5:58 PM

i prefer the swift kick in the gut that unisom gives, and i’ve never found melatonin to work for me. this is definitely not a commercial and it is not sponsored. it is just how i feel!

2:28 PM

I do not blame them one bit. The vitriol spewed at her is vile and toxic — and absolutely racist in many cases. Getting out of the line of fire and away from a country that loves to openly and viciously hate some of its public figures is brilliant. I love that they are taking this step to dial down their royal profile Read more

11:29 AM

Highly unlikely. There would have to be incompetence on a grand scale to shoot down a plane right next to the airport. Planes fly in an out all the time- there must be multiple checks involved to make sure you’re not targeting a friendly. If there was a shootdown, it must be a rouge actor and not “a battery protecting Read more

8:07 AM

There are coincidences and then there are correlations, the likelihood that this event occurred now in this air space and its not related to the escalation of hostilities is zero. Read more

6:21 AM

If I were a betting man, I’d say the Iranian military incompetently fired an antiaircraft missile from a battery protecting Tehran airport; the plane crashed right after Iran began their “response” by firing rockets at Iraq and the defensive batteries everywhere in Iran probably were/are on high alert.
Read more

5:26 PM

He’s never been funny or clever. A Felicity Huffman joke about making license plates? Really? When did the college admissions scandal break? Why not throw a Martha Stewart prison joke in there as well. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been a fan of “mean” humor, which is not to say I don’t appreciate a good dark Read more