Jim Spanfeller Sucks Shit
Jul 21

this is the funniest thing i’ve read in ages. after the growing fear and dread and depression i’ve experienced this morning reading about federal officers being sent to additional cities across the US (i.e., my worst fears about this administration coming to fruition), this was a breath of fresh air. thank you so Read more

Nov 1 2019

rudy giuliani has a lot in common with jim spanfeller: they’re both stupid af and have taken on roles for which they’re totally unqualified.

Nov 1 2019

G/O senior management made history ruining the best website we had and being publicly shamed for it by a presidential candidate.

Oct 31 2019

Here’s a petrifying tale: a bunch of PE ghouls just destroyed deadspin and we’re all worse off for it. RIP deadspin.