Robert VanderVeer
Aug 12

It’s based on the exact words he said. The police accused him of something, his response was “おおむね間違いありません” which roughly means “By and large, that is not incorrect.” So I think “he generally confessed” is accurate enough :<

Jul 14

First off, the concept of the ‘Enlightenment’ is an incredibly Eurocentric concept that has no bearing on Japanese lifestyles. Also, the ‘Enlightenment’ is more or less a historical myth used to propagate European superiority cultivated in the late 1800's and early 1900's as a justification for Imperialism. Read more

Jul 14

This review said a lot of positive things about the game...

Jun 4

eeeeh...I feel like we’ve done this dance so many times that it’s near automatic.

“ooooh, this might be time when Nintendo is in trou—oh, nah they’re fine.”

NIntendo has spent the better part of the decade finding itself as the “second console” for most gamers. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that most people Read more

Jun 4

Yeah but New Vegas is such an uninspired and bland setting that I couldn’t get into it. Apparently all I needed was a fresh coat of paint, because I played through Outerworlds 2.5 times. 

Jun 4

I mean, just because it looks worse doesn’t mean the game’s suddenly not awesome. Just because some people can’t look past graphics doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your game/port.

May 20

short version: if everybody on one team can communicate without fear of being harassed (and therefore without the need to mute voice comms or whatever), they’re probably going to be more coordinated than a team with one or more members who can’t just easily use chat. even beyond the harassment issue, if you’re looking Read more

May 20

I think the harassment is the thing they are talking about specifically. Being harassed can effect how people play games. I’m not sure how that’s hard to comprehend. Of course this mostly pertains to competitive gaming with randoms, not organised play.

I think it has some merit and some flaws too, but nothing wrong Read more

Apr 30

I’m a grown man that plays as a female character in just about any game in which I have the option (save for a few games where romancing characters is a key feature of the game and where that choice would force me into romancing male characters). I personally don’t think people should find that disturbing. Read more

Apr 30

I know so many grown men playing as female characters in ALL games where it’s possible, that it’s more disturbing than letting a woman help identify with her own character in said games.” Read more

Apr 27

That is pretty gross, yeah. I’m not opposed to some kind of strike rule for this type of thing. Read more

Feb 6

This is... such a non-issue. The design of the game is for people to share a life on a single island, not savescum 5 islands to min-max rare furniture drops or whatever the hell. This not only isn’t surprising, it’s the way the series has worked since the n64 and has featured prominently an entire character who’s Read more

Jan 27

Kingdom Hearts head is so far up its own ass its looped around and you know what? I am all for that. Whenever I pop a disk into my Playstation I know what I am getting and I do not care it does not make a lick of sense. Just next game... more Final Fantasy characters please its not the same without them.  

Jun 16 2019

There’s a massive difference in creating fan art and asking to get credit for your interpretation of that fan art and some rich chode reposting art and FLAT OUT REFUSING to credit the artist especially when he literally has to pay a settlement from doing the same thing to another person.

Most artists in the industry of Read more