Phillip Mlynar
1:31 PM

Chris, sorry I was so harsh, but the math doesn’t work out. The only way insurance companies can charge $75 a month is if pet expenses for their customers average far less than that. They have to cover administrative and marketing costs, and worse, some people will game the system and never buy insurance for their Read more

11:31 AM

Counterpoint: I have never met a homeschooled kid that wasn’t weird or socially awkward. Taking them out for play encounters and day trip excursions isn’t the same as learning how to interact with their peers on a daily basis. Learning how to be functional in society is almost more valuable than the actual knowledge Read more

11:24 AM

Seems to me like kids still need to learn math, grammar, literature, history, biology, physics, etc. From people that know about that stuff.

11:07 AM

I mean, yeah, I could homeschool. But then I’d have to spend a bunch of time with my kids.

12:43 PM

I was expecting “stop by the pizzeria every day for lunch and get two slices.” Speaking of, brb.

10:14 AM

Capital One is a great place to start for people with little to no credit history. I think I started with a 300$ limit with them when I had basically zero history. It snowballed quickly and had “good” credit within like 6 months.

5:50 PM

I used to be like you and point out the difference between barbecueing and grilling, but the truth is that definition of barbecue only really holds credence in the Southern US. In most of the English speaking world barbecueing and grilling are synonymous.

5:00 PM

So it all works out. Vegans can grill food just like meat eaters and meat eaters can be just as pedantic as most vegans.

5:24 PM

If you can’t deal with cats having front claws, then don’t get a cat. I have no idea why so many people think lobbing off parts of a cat’s toes is an acceptable compromise of having a cat and upscale furniture at the same time. Get a rabbit or something.

4:35 PM

I used to have fairly severe acid reflux. It was nearly a daily thing. My sister suggested to me to eat apples, which I thought was complete bullshit. I swear that it cured me instantly. I eat them all the time now. The ones that seem to work the best are red delicious... something not too tart. I make sure to eat one Read more

3:40 PM

I don’t know that GERD is caused by too much acid in the stomach. If you think about the pyloric sphincter as being driven by feedback loops it seems just as likely that GERD is caused by not enough acid to get the sphincter to close properly. The PPI’s and H-2 blockers can help heal the damage and treat the symptoms Read more

3:33 PM

I created an account just to reply to this article. Nobody may ever see this, but I thought I’d had to chime in with what worked for me. Read more

1:38 PM

Buy yourself a crappy bike for the price of one month’s subway card and outside of rainy days you’ll a.) save money b.) get to work faster c.) never get delayed d.) never squeeze yourself into an over crowded 6 train to avoid being late to work.

2:58 PM

I was prepared for this to be a “Short Debate” article that simple said, “Don’t.”

1:11 PM

If you go to bed drunk enough, your brain doesn’t care what bed/couch/trashpile you’re sleeping on

2:25 PM

Yeah. My fiancee and I both work pretty long hours each week, but she tends to have a more stressful job. She hates cooking, I love cooking. She hates loading and running dishwasher, I hate unloading dishwasher. She hates doing laundry, but loves folding clothes. She loves to vacuum and keep stuff clean. She hates to Read more