Phillip Foss
Phillip Foss is the Chef/Owner of EL Ideas in Chicago and co-author of the graphic novel, Life in EL
2/06/20 10:26AM

Good article. I’ve had the “you should start a restaurant” comment many times over the years but I’ve always resisted. Reading kitchen confidential all those years ago was a good idea. I still love to cook, but thankfully I get to do it on my own terms, and then eat it with my family every night.

2/06/20 9:46AM

The AC quit just before dinner one hot Saturday at our place. Diners were greeted by an HVAC team on the roof replacing 4 compressors that would cost my uncle $15K apiece. Good times, good times.

2/06/20 9:11AM

Another issue that Bourdain noted in Kitchen Confidential is that the same friends who say you should open a restaurant are the same ones that keep dropping by and expects a bunch of comps and freebies and never pick up a check.