Patrick George
Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.
1:16 PM

Patrick’s attitude towards cars, brands, and so many other things has been such a perfect fit for Jalopnik. He also has a very keen understanding of the relationship between authors and commenters, and has utilized that knowledge to great benefit here in Kinjaland. And of course I gotta thank him for sharing a couple Read more

12:26 PM

What kind of “experts” don’t suggest a Honda Accord Sport 2.0T which is a similar motor to the Type R.   Comes in a Manual Transmission and is a great family sedan and what I’d expect would be Honda reliability. 

9:02 AM

Geez. The rebellion is starting already, and you aren’t even out the door yet! 

11:07 AM

I’ll tell you exactly what happened there. Our CEO made a bizarre comment during a meeting that rankled several people in it, including me. It was a comment not in the spirit of our wall between business and editorial, to say nothing of our union contract. But there have been no directives, no emails, no edicts to Read more

1:07 AM

You’re joking right? You expect this not to get a ton of coverage? They covered the Supra wall to wall for a week. This was going to get similar coverage. 

9:14 PM

Now that I’ve had some time to think about the truck, I can really only conclude one thing: Elon doesn’t give two shits about the typical Ford or Chevy truck buyer. Likewise, he’s not going to care much about the electric vehicles that Ford and Chevy are going to come up with. Read more

8:56 PM

I do not like Elon Musk. I think he is a snake oil salesman. I think his bait and switch deposit scheme on the cheap model 3, and his method of acquisition for Solar City should both be investigated. Read more

7:06 AM

Well, people always said they wanted a utilitarian truck. You can’t get any more utilitarian than that.

11:48 PM

My whole life I’ve wanted car companies to make their concept cars but they never do and I always wondered why. Well the comments show why, because people are full of crap. People say they want a futuristic car or something out of bladerunner. They say they want something unique but at the end of the day they buy a Read more

11:45 PM

Well. Looks like that render wasn’t... that... far... off.