Patrick George
Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.
May 6

Patrick! Thank you for springing me from the grays a couple of years ago. I don’t think anyone else appreciated it, but I certainly do.

May 6

I talked to Rory on the phone for an hour two weeks ago. I told him about all of you. He knows your SSN, mother’s maiden name, town you were born in, your SO’s favorite ice cream. Do not fuck with him. Read more

May 6

Jalopnik was better before Gawker bought it.

Apr 16

Holy fuck, that post was three times longer than it needed to be. Read more

Apr 15

I still can’t believe Jalopnik lasted 15 minutes, let alone 15 years. But I can always count on good people finding their way to becoming keeper of the takes. Godspeed, Ballaban. May a haircut that suits your face someday find you, as it has still eluded me. Or mine. Whatever.

Apr 15

Yeah it was an 87 with a V8 and my sister spilled an entire 5 gallon jug of gas in it so you always had to leave the windows down, and the tape deck didn’t work, and you had to keep a quart of oil in the trunk because of the oil leak, and one time I wrecked it at school and me and the other teenager driver both agreed Read more

Apr 15

Remembering our office pod feels like halcyon days. Good company at a company that wasn’t so good. Good luck to Mike and his quest to one day drive a car.

Mar 31

I mainly think this is going to continue in phases. For a lot of America, it isn’t even real yet. And that should be a good thing, but the trend has been that places aren’t issuing stay at home directives until it arrives. Only 30 states have issued these types of directives. Read more

Mar 23

For companies that want bailouts, I think there should be a set of criteria to qualify.

1. If you spent your giant tax break money on stock buybacks - go fuck yourself.
2. If your CEO got a giant bonus from tax break money - go fuck yourself
3. If your employees are woefully underpaid, worked to death, and have no Read more

Feb 21

You absolute fuckers. I love you all. Read more

You absolute fuckers. I love you all.

Jan 17

I know this is kind of negative in the point you have been trying to get across for the time that you have been here, but I just wanted to say this: Read more

Dec 6

Patrick’s attitude towards cars, brands, and so many other things has been such a perfect fit for Jalopnik. He also has a very keen understanding of the relationship between authors and commenters, and has utilized that knowledge to great benefit here in Kinjaland. And of course I gotta thank him for sharing a couple Read more

Dec 6

is that the new Tesla?

Dec 5

What kind of “experts” don’t suggest a Honda Accord Sport 2.0T which is a similar motor to the Type R.   Comes in a Manual Transmission and is a great family sedan and what I’d expect would be Honda reliability. 

Dec 5

Just buy the damn minivan. You’ll thank yourself.